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Order of Elsecallers

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Order of Elsecallers
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Herald Battar
Spren Inkspren
Surges Transformation & Transportation
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Order of Elsecallers was an order of the Knights Radiant on Roshar.[1]

The Elsecallers were Surgebinders who used the Surges of Transformation and Transportation[1], and they absorbed Stormlight from gems. They formed a Nahel Bond with Inkspren.[2] So far, it is known that the Elsecallers had the power to Soulcast and to "Elsecall," a use of the Transportation Surge which allows physical travel between Realms.

Ideals of the Elsecallers[edit]

The Ideals of the Knights Radiant, also known as the Immortal Words, are a set of rules by which the Knights Radiant lived. The First Ideal, identical for all orders of the Knights Radiant, is used as their motto. Each order of the Knights Radiant had additional four ideals that were unique to each order.

The First Ideal[edit]

Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.
—The First Ideal of the Knights Radiant[3]

The Elsecallers are one of the orders that allows a Machiavellian interpretation of the first ideal. To them, the journey is about the entire species more than the individual.[4]


An Elsecaller in Shadesmar by LittleGreyDragon

The Elsecallers use the Surges of Transformation and Transportation.


Soulcasting transforms any material into any of one of the ten essences of the Soulcaster's choice.[5]


Elsecalling allows the transfer of one's physical body into and out of the Cognitive Realm.[6] It works by creating a miniature perpendicularity that the Elsecaller can go through.[7] It is significantly easier to enter the Cognitive Realm using Elsecalling than it is to leave it.[8] Elsecallers are able to use this ability to worldhop.[9]


They were the prime liaisons with the great ones of the spren.[10] They were considered prodigiously benevolent by the author of the book Words of Radiance.[10] They were the appointed as the keepers of the perfect gems and took it upon them selves to protect Honor's Drop.[11] Some Elsecallers worldhopped to other planets which is hinted at in names of places on the map of Shadesmar.[9] The Elsecallers were one of the nine orders to betray their oaths, killing many inkspren and dropping shardblades and shardplate during the Recreance.

Around six years before the start of the True Desolation, the inkspren Ivory bonded Jasnah, reforming the Elsecallers.[12] Jasnah, and therefore the Elsecallers, was the first ot the currently known Radiants to swear the First Ideal and reform.[13] Jasnah is currently the only Elsecaller, as all new-generation inkspren except Ivory are unwilling to take the risk of a bond.[2]

Known Elsecallers[edit]


As to the other orders that were inferior in this visiting of the far realm of spren, the Elsecallers were prodigiously benevolent, allowing others as auxiliary to their visits and interactions; though they did never relinquish their place as prime liaisons with the great ones of the spren; and the Lightweavers and Willshapers both also had an affinity to the same, though neither were true masters of that realm.
Words of Radiance, chapter 6, page 2[10]
As the duly appointed keepers of the perfect gems, we of the Elsecallers have taken the burden of protecting the ruby nicknamed Honor’s Drop. Let it be recorded.
—From drawer 20-10, zircon[11]


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