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Ethnicity Dysian Aimian & Siah Aimian
Era Silver Kingdoms
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Aimia was one of the Silver Kingdoms of Roshar that survived the Desolations. As far as can be gleaned, Aimia existed for most of the Era of Solitude. It was an island kingdom separated from the main continent by the Aimian Sea. According to Axies, the Scouring of Aimia happened not long ago, and the remaining Aimians are now rare. It has been long enough for myths and stories about the Aimians to have spread.[1]


Aimia consists of one large island and several smaller islands off the west coast of Shinovar. Separated from the main continent by the Aimian Sea, the islands have been inaccessible since the Scouring of Aimia. Now Aimia is dangerous to approach, with sailors talking of strange winds and storms that seek out ships. One of the islands is called Akinah. This island is now surrounded by large Soulcast stone spikes. At one time Akinah was the home of a grand city.


Many of the animals that are native to Aimia are different from other animals on Roshar. Unlike Shin animals, Aimian animals fit into the ecosystem of Roshar but have exceptional features that make them distinct, including Lanceryn, known for their large Gemhearts[2], and larkin, known for directly ingesting Stormlight.[3]

Aimian Races[edit]

There are two races of Aimians: Dysian Aimians[4] and Siah Aimians.[1] They are non-human[5] sentient beings who possess a form of immortality[6][7] and the ability to magically modify their bodies.

Notable Aimians[edit]

Hidden Dysian Amians[edit]

  • Unknown Aimian[8]


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