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Roshar - Aimia.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
Ethnicity Aimian (Dysian & Siah)
Era Silver Kingdoms
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Aimia was one of the Silver Kingdoms of Roshar that survived the Desolations, and was also a nation in the Era of Solitude. It was an island kingdom separated from the main continent by the Aimian Sea. Aimia was scoured of its people, and the remaining Aimians are now rare. While the land was scoured not long ago, it has been long enough for myths and stories about the Aimians to have spread.[1]

Aimian Races[edit]

There are two races of Aimians: Dysian Aimians[2] and Siah Aimians.[1] They are non-human[3] sentient beings who possess a form of immortality.[4][5]

Aside from being immortal, both Aimian races have the ability to magically modify their bodies, but to different extents. Siah Aimians, who are characterized by deep blue nails and eyes, have been known to sculpt their bodies to temporarily suppress their senses (e.g. to avoid smelling foul odors), produce tattoo-like markings on their skin, or heal from injuries[1]. On the other hand, Dysian Aimians (who call themselves the Sleepless[6]) can do even more extreme modifications because their body is made up of many cremling-like creatures called hordelings that they breed to perform whatever function that they need. These hordelings can separate from the main body to act as remote agents and can also be used as backup minds to store memories.[5]

Hidden Dysian Amians[edit]

  • Unknown Aimian[7]

Notable Aimians[edit]


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