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Titles First
Species Sleepless
Nationality Aimian
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Humans are a fire that must be contained.


Yelamaiszin is the oldest of the Sleepless living on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

I like the Bondsmith, for example, though I know he will destroy us.


While Yelamaiszin's precise appearance is unknown, it communicates with the other Sleepless in a smooth, calming buzz. It is calm and makes rational arguments in discussion with other Sleepless. It is also very confident in its knowledge and opinions.[1]

With regards to humans, Yelamaiszin believes that they are dangerous and must be controlled. It believes specifically that Dalinar will destroy Roshar, alluding to a short piece written by a Dysian that claims "One of them may redeem us. / And one of them will destroy us."[2] These opinions are presented in its characteristic matter-of-fact way.[1]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Yelamaiszin is a Sleepless, a hive mind of hordelings, which it can breed to fulfill specific purposes.[3] As its cognitive functions are spread across multiple hordelings, this makes it effectively immortal.[4]

Yelamaiszin is worse than Nikli at imitating humans, in part because it is older and thus less able to learn new skills.[1]


Yelamaiszin was the first swarm to come to Roshar and as such, the Sleepless refer to it as First.[1] All other swarms on Roshar are descended from it.[5] Its hordelings were more spider-like when it first arrived on Roshar, but it has since evolved them to resemble cremlings.[6]

Since arriving on Roshar, twenty-three additional swarms have been created, for a total of twenty-four swarms active on Roshar. Of those twenty-three, nineteen are loyal to Yelamaiszin, and four go against its wishes. One of the swarms that defies Yelamaiszin is Arclomedarian.[1][5]

When the Wandersail sets sail for Akinah, Yelamaiszin is adamant that the crew not be allowed to breach the storm, but instead be driven away. Nikli is sent to accomplish this, and after a few attempts fail, Yelamaiszin says that Nikli must be willing to take more drastic measures to prevent the crew from reaching Akinah. Despite the finality of this decree, Yelamaiszin always leaves important decisions up to a vote between all twenty loyal swarms.[1] After Nikli fails and Rysn bargains with it, Yelamaiszin participates in the discussion over the treaty, which is ratified.[7]


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