Expedition to Akinah

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Expedition to Akinah
Part of the True Desolation
Aboard the Wandersail.jpg
Date Late 1174
Participants Rysn, Cord, Lopen, Huio, Rushu, Nikliasorm (for a full list, see Characters Present)
Effects Rysn becomes a Dawnshard and makes a pact with the Sleepless
Akinah Oathgate rediscovered
Coalition of monarchs obtains eight Soulcasters and Cord obtains Shardplate
City Akinah
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Wandersail's expedition to Akinah in late 1174 led to the discovery of a Dawnshard, several Soulcasters, and Shardplate.[1]


While on an unrelated sea voyage, the ship First Dreams was discovered by Smta, prompting Queen Navani Kholin to put out a request for an expedition to Akinah.[1] Earlier attempts at sending Windrunners (including Leyten, Lyn, and Sigzil) encountered a hordeling able to siphon their Investiture in the weather pattern around Akinah.[2] The First Dreams was then brought to port in Thaylen City to undergo repairs. At this time, Rysn was both looking for a new voyage to undertake and a way to help Chiri-Chiri. Thinking this offer from Navani could fill both, she toured the First Dreams.[3]

Having decided to accept the request, Rysn had Queen Fen write to Navani regarding the expedition. Rysn then traveled to Urithiru and first met with Talik to discuss Chiri-Chiri. She then met with Navani and negotiated and agreed on the terms of the expedition. Once the deal was accepted, Fen sent a writ to the crew of the Wandersail regarding the expedition.[2]

After Lopen met with Ral-na and Talik, Kaladin spoke with Lopen regarding the mission and Lopen volunteered. Lopen then spoke with Huio and Cord about the expedition, and reported to Rushu to be briefed on confidential details about the expedition from Navani.[4]

The Trip to Akinah[edit]

Shortly before the Wandersail's scheduled departure, Rushu, Lopen, Huio, and Cord travelled to Thaylen City via Oathgate from Urithiru. Just prior to that, the ship's pet, a skyeel named Screech, had died. The crew took this as a bad omen and were apprehensive of continuing. Rysn issued an order to allow any crew to leave without consequence, but only three took the offer.[5]

With everyone aboard and ready, the Wandersail sets sail out of the port of Thaylen City.[6]

A few weeks into the trip, Cord discovers that the Wandersail's barrels of lavis are all contain worms. The crew sees this as another bad omen. In an effort to negate their superstitions, Rysn traded the wormy grain with Hexi nomads for jerky. The crew was placated and the voyage continued.[7]

Following its two failed attempts at sabotage, the worms and the dead skyeel, Nikliasorm conferenced with Yelamaiszin and the eighteen other Sleepless that accept Yelamaiszin's leadership. They decide to let Nikliasorm try one more omen before resorting to more drastic meausres.[7]

Some time later, Huio tinkered with Rushu's spanreeds and made a discovery with aluminum in regards to conjoined fabrials.[8][9] Just after this, a dead santhid is sighted. The crew debate for a moment what to do before the santhid dissolves into hordelings.[10]

Shaken, the crew went ashore for a bit. Rysn used the opportunity to contact Vstim by spanreed. While ashore, Rushu and Huio construct a hovering chair for Rysn to use based on his earlier discovery.[9]

On the final approach to Akinah, Rysn confronted and detained Nikli and Plamry, putting them on the main island of Aimia.[11]

At Akinah[edit]

The ship sailed into Akinah's strange storm and breached it without too much difficulty.[12] Immediately after they exited the storm, Chiri-Chiri followed luckspren underwater.[13] Lopen and Rushu investigated the city of Akinah and discovered the Oathgate in an underground cavern, beneath a fake Oathgate.[14][15] Rysn and Cord escaped an attack by Nikli and were guided to the Dawnshard by luckspren.[15] Huio and sailors from the Wandersail crew were then attacked by Nikli's giant hordeling on Akinah's beach. As other hordelings join in they quickly are surrounded. Lopen returned to aid in the battle against the giant hordelings. When Lopen was in danger of being killed, Huio swore the Third Ideal of the Windrunners and saved them both.[16] Meanwhile, Rysn became the Dawnshard previously housed in the mural. Nikli and two other Sleepless entered the caverns, and Rysn and Cord negotiated a treaty with Nikli. The crew left with their lives and a few extra hordelings on board.[17]


On the way back, Lopen confronts Huio about his Third Ideal. Right after that, he swore his own Third Ideal. Three of the Soulcasters found were given to Alethkar, while five were given to Thaylenah.[1] Some months later, Rysn tells Vstim about Dawnshards.[18]

Characters Present[edit]


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