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by User: Sheep
Species Spren
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Glys is an unknown type of spren that formed a Nahel bond with Renarin Kholin.[1]

He grants Renarin the powers of the Truthwatchers, an order of the Knights Radiant[1] which gives Renarin access to the Surges of Illumination and Progression.[2] However, Renarin also has visions, which are also possible due to Glys' bond. This bond caused Renarin to hear screams when touching his killed Shardblade, which he initially believed to be a sign of his weakness or possibly insanity. Glys explained otherwise and told Renarin which order of Radiants he had joined.[1]

Glys looks "...bright red, shimmering like the heat of a mirage. A crystalline structure, like a snowflake, though it dripped upward toward the ceiling."[3] Regular Truthwatcher spren look different than Glys, like "the shimmer you see on a wall when you shine light through a crystal." [4] Glys looks different than regular Truthwatcher spren because Glys has been corrupted through contact with Sja-anat. [5]

His tendency to be invisible to those who would normally see him (such as Rock) is a combination of the others not being his type of spren and Glys intentionally wanting to hide.[6]


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It is unknown what type of spren (and therefore all other spren that Truthwatchers bond) Glys is. It is possible that he is a corrupted Reacher, or lightspren, however it seems far more likely that Reachers are actually the type of spren that form Nahel Bonds with Willshapers.

It is possible that Glys is a corrupted keenspren (mentioned by Wyndle in Edgedancer) [7]


  • "Glys" is the spren's full name, rather than being a nickname like "Syl".[8]


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