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Thaylen City

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Thaylen City
Thaylen City.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
Nation Thaylenah
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Thaylen City is the capital of Thaylenah. [1]


Located back from the north western shore of the island of Thaylenah, inside a natural lait which faces west to the Longbrow's Straits and is surrounded by mountains.[expand]

The Wards[edit]

Thaylen City is divided into different Wards.

Ancient Ward

The Ancient Ward is located the middle of the city. This is the portion of the city represented in Kabsal's Cymatics. [1]This Ward is the original city that was theoretically created by the Dawnsingers.[citation needed]
Thaylen city map.jpg

North Ward

The North ward sits next to the Ancient ward and Loft wards.

South Ward

The South ward sits next to the Ancient ward, the Low ward, and the Loft ward.

Royal Ward

The Royal ward contains both the palace and its Ten Temples dedicated to the Heralds. Many of the temples were used to house wounded after the Everstorm wounded and displaced many.

Loft Ward

Located between the Royal ward and the Ancient ward, the Loft ward likely sustained heavy damage from the Thunderclasts on their way to the Oathgate.

Low Ward

The Low Ward is Positioned between the ancient ward and the City wall. A fair amount of the cities remaining mercantile infrastructure including the Thaylen City Gemstone Reserve were heavily damaged following the Battle of Thaylen Field.

The Wall[edit]

The Wall protects Thaylen City from attack from the west front of the city. Existing between the docks and and the Low ward of Thaylen City the wall would have helped serve as a storm break for a portion of the city.


Thaylen Oathgate

The Thaylen Oathgate is located on the northern edge of the city in the Royal Ward. It was turned into a sculpture garden.


The Thaylen docks were located outside the fortifications and constructed primarily of wood. They were swept away during the first everstorm.


It is traditional to visit all ten temples in the city, showing off both the Royal Ward and the city's piety.


The once extensive docks of Thaylen City were mostly destroyed when the Everstorm first arrived. Much of the fleet that was in the harbor were destroyed or stolen by the awakened Parshmen.[citation needed][expand] Thaylen City was the site of the Battle of Thaylen Field.



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