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Chapter 10: Distractions
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 9: The Threads of a Screw
Precedes Chapter 11: The Rift
Viewpoints Kaladin, Adolin Kholin
Word Count 4,395


Perhaps my heresy stretches back to those days in my childhood, where these ideas began.
—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]


Kaladin approaches a village called Hornhollow and chats with Syl. She notices that he is rather happy at the moment, having found his mother alive and being buoyed by Stormlight. Syl and Kaladin wonder if she could someday be a mother herself; after all, the Stormfather birthed her. He flies into the center of town and is about to grandly introduce himself, but word has traveled ahead about him, and they offer him infused spheres, hoping for a favorable exchange rate. The townspeople seem eager to see him. The citylord mentions an attack by rogue Parshmen, the first report of an attack so far in Kaladin's reconnaissance trip.

A nervous ardent explains that the Parshmen attacked the grain storage and ran off when an alarm was sounded. Syl tells him that the ardent is infatuated with him, and teases that she must be desperate, considering how disheveled he looks. He dismisses the idea, saying that she would have to marry another ardent. Syl counters that it isn't marriage she wants from him and offers to teach Kaladin about sex. Then she tries to play matchmaker with him and Shallan. He's interested in her but dismisses the idea because she's engaged to Adolin. He then realizes that Syl will be around when he's having sex. The citylord introduces a scout to Kaladin who had followed the Parshmen. They were heading straight for Kholinar. He flies off in pursuit to the cheers of the villagers.


Adolin goes to visit Gallant. They mourn the death of Sureblood as Adolin gives him treats. Renarin appears; he has been looking for Adolin. He suggests having Shallan draw Sureblood. He also says that he must give back the shardblade because it hurts to hold. Renarin reluctantly admits that he has his own blade now and shows Adolin, who admires it for its beauty. Renarin is not content though; he was starting to fit in with Bridge Four, but now he must pivot to being a Knight Radiant. He's afraid that he will make a mistake trying to use his new power. Adolin clasps his hand to give him confidence, and he feels a wash of Stormlight through his body. He sees of vision of himself, perfected and whole. Renarin is embarrassed and leaves, and Adolin realizes his wounded wrist is healed.


Mentioned only


Jesanev 1174, two days after Kaladin visited Hearthstone

The countryside of Sadeas princedom, including the village of Hornhollow.

The stables in Urithiru.

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