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Chapter 2: One Problem Solved
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 1: Broken and Divided
Precedes Chapter 3: Momentum
Viewpoints Adolin Kholin, Dalinar Kholin
Word Count 3,262


I needed to write it anyway.

—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]


Adolin Kholin stops a few workers from unloading their goods from a wagon. He tells them they are in the wrong section and have to unload in section two. He overlooks the enormous cavern, where the people who had crossed the Shattered Plains, along with the supplies, were put by Navani. Adolin is happy to have these people, because they are fresh and haven’t suffered the Battle of Narak. Adolin’s own sword arm is still healing from the broken wrist he suffered during that battle. He deals with a few other merchants and then breaks up an argument between people that were hauling water. They think it beneath their nahn, but since the parshmen have transformed into voidbringers, someone has to do it. Adolin is happy with these distractions. With his broken wrist he cannot spar and he wants to keep himself distracted from what he has done. From the fact that he murdered Torol Sadeas. Eventually a runner arrives, whispering that something was discovered on the third floor.


Dalinar recognises the sounds of conflict as they near the crime scene. He rushes off and comes between two groups of yelling soldiers. He prevents the imminent fight between the bridgemen and a group of Sadeas’s soldiers by threatening to throw them all in the stockade. As Navani arrives, both parties retreat to a corner of the room, glaring at each other. One of the soldiers accuses the bridgecrew of murdering their Highprince. As Teft tries to defend himself, Dalinar interrupts him and notices that the corpse is lying in a pool of dried blood. He has been lying here for some time. The soldiers admit that they lost their Highprince, but that they assumed he had returned to another part of the tower. They then try again to accuse the bridgemen of moving the body, but Dalinar proves them wrong again by saying the blood has pooled.

Dalinar further studies the corpse and notices the strange eye-wound. Navani assumes it’s an assassin, while Adolin, Renarin, Shallan and Kalami arrive. Dalinar reflects on the many officers he lost during the last few weeks, which explains the presence of Highprince Sebarial. Palona, his mistress, is eventually the first to voice that she is happy with Sadeas’s death. Kalami fears the backlash from the murdered Highprince’s soldiers. Dalinar says that they needed Sadeas, but everyone disagrees with him. After consideration, Dalinar finds it hard himself to not feel satisfied. Sadeas’s betrayal cost the lives of hundreds of his best men. Dalinar leaves the scene, taking everyone with him and leaving the soldiers to deal with their Highprince’s body. The retinue follows him out onto a balcony, granting them a view on the Tower. Along the way, Aladar and his daughter joined their group. Dalinar asks everyone what they see. Lopen answers that he sees clouds. As the other bridgmen start to state what they see, Dalinar interrupts them and tells them they are above the storms. The rest of the world is facing a tempest and will need them to lead. Aladar and Palona start to object, pointing out the dismal state of their forces. Dalinar asks Kalami about the Desolations. She says that they were destruction manifest and left humankind ruined and reverted to a previous age. Dalinar says that this is the reason he cannot rejoice in Sadeas’s death. They need everyone who can fight. Aladar swears that he will aid Dalinar until the end. He is then named the new Highprince of Information and ordered to keep order in the city. Sebarial is then appointed as Highprince of Commerce, tasked to turn this tower into a functioning city. Adolin has to whip the army into shape again, using a heavy training regimen to keep them from squabbling. Last, he tells Bridge four to keep exploring Urithiru. He then vows that he will unify Roshar and resist anything the enemy will throw at him. Renarin asks with a soft voice what his and Shallan’s task is, since he didn’t mention them before. He tells them they are his greatest weapon against the Voidbringers and that they need to train and understand their powers. Renarin is overwhelmed by all of this, but his father takes him by the shoulder and reassures him that he trusts him and that he is curious to find out what he can do.


Mentioned only


Jesesev 1174, six days after the Battle of Narak.



  • The title references what Palona says about Sadeas's death.

Chapter Header[edit]

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The image used for Adolin's chapter heading in Words of Radiance and Oathbringer.

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Herald of the bondsmiths, Dalinar vows to unify Roshar.

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