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Chapter 15: Brightness Radiant
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 14: Squires Can't Capture
Precedes Chapter 16
Viewpoint Shallan
Word Count 3,285


I will express only direct, even brutal, truth. You must know what I have done, and what those actions cost me.

—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

Shallan discusses the murder investigation with Adolin. Adolin says that he thinks there are two culprits since the two victims are totally disconnected. Shallan thinks that he is being foolish and shouldn't focus on one theory too much. They decide that there isn't anything more to get from the reports, so Adolin changes the subject to her Shardblade. He convinces her that even though she's a woman, she needs to learn how to use it, and he can train her. She agrees, and he goes to fetch the Blade guards. Shallan freaks out, still not over the fact that she killed her mother with her Blade. Pattern believes that she hates him and offers to die so another spren can take his place. She creates an alternate identity -- someone confident and poised, like Jasnah. She names this persona Brightness Radiant. With that persona she is able to overcome the history of the blade. Adolin returns and teaches her the importance of a proper stance and breathing. Shallan dismisses her Blade and sketches the proper stance to help her get it right. They practice some simple strikes together. Shallan sees the passion that Adolin has for swordsmanship and realizes that it parallels her passion for art, feeling a bond with him, even allowing herself to become Shallan occasionally. They practice long into the evening.


mentioned only


Somewhere between Jesnanah 1174 and Jesaches 1174, in the evening. Immediately after the events of Chapter 13: Chaperone.

Shallan's quarters in Urithiru

Chapter Header[edit]

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