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Sadeas princedom
Ruler Torol Sadeas (former), Meridas Amaram (former), Ialai Sadeas (former)
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Sadeas princedom is one of ten Alethi princedoms that form Alethkar. Sadeas house colors are deep green & white.[1][2] While Torol Sadeas was ruler, their symbol was a tower and hammer.[3] After Meridas Amaram became ruler, their symbol was a tower and axe.[1]


It is located in the northwestern corner of Alethkar, bordered to the west by Jah Keved and the north by the Bay of Elibath. Aladar princedom on the east, and Vamah princedom to the south.[4] The town of Hearthstone is located in eastern Sadeas, near the border with Aladar.

One known region of the princedom is Akanny. This region is valued for its farmlands.[5]



After the murder of Highprince Torol Sadeas, the rulership of the Sadeas princedom was given to Meridas Amaram by Ialai Sadeas, as her nephew - the heir - was too young.[6] After Amaram's death, Ialai Sadeas was the de facto head of the princedom,[7][8] though the princedom itself is under the control of the Fused.[9][4] After Ialai's death in early 1175, Queen Jasnah Kholin appointed a distant scion of Torol Sadeas as the new highprince.[10]


Like all Alethi princedoms, Sadeas is a piece of Sunmaker-era Alethkar carved out by one of Sadees' sons.[6] When Gavilar Kholin begun his conquest of Alethkar in the 1130s, Sadeas princedom, under the leadership of Torol Sadeas, was the only one to initially ally with him.[11]

Wastescum Skirmishes (???)[edit]

A collection of skirmishes in the northern section of the Sadeas Princedom which occurred some time before 1166.[12] The skirmishes were against groups of Reshi raiders who thought they could take advantage at the instability of Alethkar early after the crowning of Gavilar Kholin.[12] It can be reasonably assumed that the attempt to repel the raiders was successful.

Soldiers for the battle were brought in from across the Sadeas Princedom, including various darkeyes in Hearthstone.[12] The Reshi forces notably did not have any Shardblades.[12]

War of Reckoning (1167-1173)[edit]

After the War of Reckoning began, the princedoms Highprince left to travel to the Shattered Plains to fight against the Parshendi. Sadeas left Meridas Amaram as the defender of the northern section of the princedom, tasked with repelling Reshi and Veden military advances, and attempts by other princedoms to secure their territory.[13] repelling border incursions from the Vedens and the Reshi while the bulk of the Alethi troops were away on the Shattered Plains.[14]

Border Skirmishes (1172)[edit]

In late 1172, the Sadeas Princedom entered into a border skirmish with either the Vamah or Aladar princedom.[15][14][16] During this battle, Veden Shardbearer Helaran Davar arrived in an attempt to kill Amaram under orders from the Skybreakers, but he wound up being killed by Kaladin on the battlefield.[16] While Kaladin earned the Shards by legal right, Amaram betrayed him by killing his crew and marking him as a slave, taking the Shardblade and Shardplate for himself.[14][17]

The True Desolation (1173- )[edit]

Following the Everstorm, the princedom was, like all others, overrun by re-awakened Parshmen. However, it appears to have weathered this relatively unscathed compared to other princedoms like Vamah or Kholin.[5]



  • The name Sadeas likely comes from Sadees, albeit transformed by centuries after the man's death.


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