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Sadeas princedom

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Sadeas princedom
Ruler Torol Sadeas (former), Meridas Amaram (former)Ialai Sadeas (former)
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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Sadeas princedom is one of ten Alethi princedoms that form Alethkar. Sadeas house colours are deep green & white.[1]


It is located in the northwestern corner of Alethkar, bordered to the west by Jah Keved and the north by the Bay of Elibath. Aladar princedom on the east, and Vamah princedom to the south.[2] The town of Hearthstone is located in eastern Sadeas, near the border with Aladar.


After the murder of Highprince Torol Sadeas, the rulership of the Sadeas Princedom was given to Meridas Amaram by Ialai Sadeas, as her nephew - the heir - was too young.[3] With Meridas Amaram dead, Ialai Sadeas is managing the princedom while a new heir is decided.[4]


Like all Alethi princedoms, Sadeas is a piece of Sunmaker-era Alethkar carved out by one of Sadees' sons.[3] When Gavilar Kholin begun his conquest of Alethark in the 1130s, Sadeas princedom, under the leadership of Torol Sadeas, was the only one to initially ally with him.[5]

Following the Everstorm, the princedom was, like all others, overrun by re-awakened Parshmen. However, it appears to have weathered this relatively unscathed compared to other princedoms like Vamah or Kholin. [6]



  • The name Sadeas likely comes from Sadees, albeit transformed by centuries after the man's death.


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