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Ialai Sadeas

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Ialai Sadeas
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by User: Sheep
Spouse Torol Sadeas
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Brightlady Ialai Sadeas is a noble Alethi lighteyes on Roshar.

She is married to Torol Sadeas and is a curvaceous woman.[1] With a slender neck and a large mouth, she has never been considered as a beauty.[2]

She reportedly dyes her hair to appear Alethi, which indicates that she has foreign blood in her past, as Alethi hair always breeds true depending on how much Alethi blood one has. Foreign blood means hair of a different color.[1]

Many consider her arrogant, as she has a perfectly symmetrical name, something which is considered holy by the Vorin church. Generally, she is a perfect Alethi woman in public, but likes to lounge in private.[2]


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