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Ethnicity Iriali
Era Silver Kingdoms
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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We are Iriali, and part of the Long Trail, of which this is the fourth land. Eventually, all will be gathered back in- when the Seventh Land is attained- and we will once again become one

Iri is one of the Silver Kingdoms on Roshar.[2] The people from Iri are called Iriali. It is ruled by three monarchs, currently two kings and a queen. The Iriali queen has authority over foreign policy.[3]


The Iriali are not native to Roshar. Many fans speculate that this is referred to as a journey that they call the "long trail", and fans further speculate that this means they have been to three planets before coming to Roshar. However, it is not known what those planets might be, or when they came to Roshar, if in fact it wasn't at the same time as the rest of humanity.[4]

By the time of the Era of Solitude, the eastern portion of Iri has split off to form the kingdom of Rira.[5]

Axies the Collector, an Aimian, visits Iri to look for spren.[6]

Rysn and her babsk, Vstim, visit Iri, and Rysn manages to offend the Iriali.[7]


The largest city in Iri is Rall Elorim,[6] City of Shadows,[8] followed closely by Kasitor,[6] City of Lightning.[8] Many people in Kasitor worship Cusicesh the Protector, a giant spren, as a deity. Iri also contains the city of Eila.[5] Due to its northwestern position on Roshar, Iri is warmer than most other nations.[6]

People & Culture[edit]

The Iriali have metallic golden-blond hair that bred true.[6] Many Alethi consider a lock of the golden hair of the Iriali to be good luck.[9] The Iriali are particular about chastity laws, and dislike public nudity.[6] The men often wear only waist wraps on warmer days. The Iriali also paint their skin with colors and patterns. The Iriali tend to be less quarrelsome and prudish than the Vorin nations. They mostly have yellow eyes.[10]


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