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Type Council
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Ring is an organization of cultivationspren[1] in Shadesmar, the Cognitive Realm of Roshar.[2]

Composition and Purpose[edit]

The Ring consists of multiple members, as Wyndle refers to it as "they".[3] They view the Old Magic's touch on Lift as a blessing from their "mother",[3] the same term that Wyndle uses for the Shard Cultivation.[4][5] The usual purpose of the Ring is not clear, but they appear to have authority among cultivationspren, as Wyndle was compelled to take an assignment at their request.[3]


Wyndle tells Lift that the cultivationspren decided to start trying to form new Nahel bonds after other spren such as Cryptics and honorspren start to do so.[6] They are not sure how exactly to accomplish this due to the length of time since the Recreance,[6] and the Ring serves as a committee[1] that oversees the process.[3]

Wyndle's Assignment[edit]

Wyndle notes that he was happy living in Shadesmar when the Ring chose him to try and form a Nahel bond with someone in the Physical Realm.[2] He is not happy about his mission and refers to it as an "atrocious duty".[2] The Ring was additionally responsible for the specific choice of Lift as a bond partner for Wyndle, a choice that he did not agree with.[3] However, the Ring viewed Lift's youth and her experience with the Old Magic as positive traits in a candidate.[3] Wyndle notes that bonding with Lift was easier than expected,[6] speculating that the Old Magic has caused her to exist partially in the Cognitive Realm.[7] Wyndle later accepts the fact that he needed to be sent on assignment.[8]


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