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Profession Merchant
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Vstim is a Thaylen merchant on Roshar. He is currently employed as the Minister of Trade for Queen Fen, the highest civil position in the Taylen government.[1] He was "Babsk" to Rysn, a position consisting of a master to an apprentice, and also her legal father until he pronounced her a merchant in her own right.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Vstim is in his 70's and described by Rysn as "spry for his years."[1] He prefers to wear Thaylen merchant's clothing consisting of stiffly starched robes and a conical hat.[2] He is very wealthy and follows the Passions.



Vstim traveled to Shinovar with his apprentice Rysn to trade with Thresh-son-Esan. He brought Soulcast metal and traded in exchange for chicken. It is revealed that seven years before on another trade he received Szeth, whom he describes as the "best servant I ever had." Every time he comes back to Shinovar he asks Thresh to trade him another Shin soldier, which is denied by Thresh because Szeth had been Truthless.[2]

Reshi Isles[edit]

A year later Vstim and Rysn travel to the Reshi Isles. He feigns sickness in order to allow her to take charge of the trade for herself. Rysn meets Talik and in attempting to prove her boldness to the natives, ends up falling off the top of the Tai-na and into the water below. The fall shatters her legs. Afterward Vstim reappears and reveals he had feigned sickness in order to give her a chance to lead as trademaster to see how she would do. Rysn figures out that Vstim was previously Talik's Babsk. It was also revealed by the Reshi king that Vstim had gained the islanders' respect a long time ago by hunting down a coracot.[3]

Thaylen City[edit]

When Rysn is working in the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve, a job that Vstim arranged for her, he unexpectedly visits Rysn. He tells her that Queen Fen offered him a job as minister of trade, "the highest civilian appointment in the kingdom". Then he hands Rysn a box, containing a wound-up cord of white rope and a deed of ownership to the Wandersail (1174 ship) so Rysn can still be a merchant even though she can't walk. He also offers to fund her first trade run.[1]

Following that Rysn gives Vstim a tour through the vault and shows him the King's Drop. As they begin to inventory the vault they get attacked by one of the guards, a disguised fused. The attacker slashes at Vstim and locks him in a smaller vault.[1]

Later Dalinar finds Rysn and the wounded Vstim amid the wreckage of the collapsed Thaylen Gemstone Reserve building. He asks Rysn what happened and Vstim is attended to.[4]


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