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by Ben McSweeney
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Urithiru was said to be the center of the Silver Kingdoms, a city that held ten thrones, one for each king. It was the most majestic, most amazing, most important city in all the world.
Jasnah's opinion of Urithiru[1]

Urithiru is a city on Roshar and, during the Silver Kingdoms Era, functioned as a Central point for all the Ten of the Silver Kingdoms and home of the Knights Radiant.


The orders of the Knights Radiant were centered here and it is said to have been the center of the Silver Kingdoms holding ten thrones, one for each king. At the time of the Recreance the Oathgates in the 9 surviving cities were sealed.


It is said to be somewhere near the middle of Roshar but the exact location is unknown. It is known that many wished for it to be built in Alethela but it has been confirmed that it was located west of Alethela in the place "nearest to Honor."[2]There was some disagreement as to whether or not Urithiru was accessible by foot. Varala and Sinbian both claimed that it was inaccessible by foot but in Nohadon's eighth parable from The Way of Kings he claimed that he walked from Abamabar to Urithiru. The only known way to get to Urithiru without the use of Surgebinding is through an Oathgate.

During the Battle of Narak, Shallan Davar finds Stormseat's Oathgate and is able to transport part of the Alethi army through the Oathgate to Urithiru during the Everstorm.

Urithiru is located on the east side of a mountain.[3]

There is a village in the foothills of the mountain to the south of the tower. Szeth had gone by this village so many times that he mused that at some point they had started thinking of him as some sort of god, leaving out tributes of spheres for him to use for stormlight.[4]


Urithiru is 100 levels tall. Each level is wider going down and every level has balconies. These balconies have gardens built into them. On the Stormward side of Urithiru there are large glass windows. Remarkably, this glass has stood for thousands of years and is still intact. Urithiru is surrounded by the ten plateaus of the Oathgates.


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