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Chapter 12: Negotiations
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 11: The Rift
Precedes Chapter 13: Chaperone
Viewpoint Dalinar Kholin
Word Count 6,304


I ask not that you forgive me. Nor that you even understand.
—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

Dalinar ponders the ancient Knights Radiant and asks the Stormfather what caused their betrayal. He refuses to answer, as some things are better left forgotten. The emperor of Azir has contacted him by spanreed, and Dalinar invites him to visit Urithiru via the Oathgate. They answer vaguely, so Navani suggests an offer of aid to get them to come. They again demur, slightly changing the subject to talk about the new enemy. The Voidbringers did not attack them either, and they are in negotiations with them, ostensibly in order to stall so they can build up their fortifications. Dalinar urges that they allow him to come there through the portal, but they report that it no longer works. Navani and Teshav believe they are lying. Next, the queen of Thaylenah makes contact. Dalinar uses formal language, but she is more blunt and sarcastic. There, the Voidbringers stole most of their ships, and the city itself is in shambles from the Everstorm. Dalinar informs her that he intends to convene a council of monarchs around the world, but she is skeptical of his intentions and is not interested in attending. Dalinar feels like her responses are a bit out of character, as Thaylens seek political opportunities. He offers troops to help with rebuilding the city, but she is reluctant. He then tells her how to find Radiants among her own people and offers to help train them. She replies that she will consider his offer and signs off. He talks to other lesser monarchs but doesn't make much headway; he needs the endorsement of Azir for other surrounding kingdoms to follow along. Dalinar begins to leave the room and finds Elhokar standing without at the doorway. He suggests that maybe the others won't cooperate because they are afraid he'll usurp their thrones. Then he admits that isn't doing well as king and begins to abdicate the throne to Dalinar. Instead, they agree to let Dalinar be the king of Urithiru and the Shattered Plains, forfeiting his Alethkar lands to his heir. Elhokar wants to restore Kholinar, which is rioting, and Dalinar agrees to send him in with the Windrunner so they can activate the Oathgate and let in troops from Urithiru. A new message comes in from Taravangian, king of Jah Keved and Kharbranth. He fully agrees with Dalinar's plan and has a Radiant at hand to try their Oathgate.


mentioned only


Somewhere between Jesanev 1174 and Jesanah 1174

An upper-floor room in Urithiru.

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