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Chapter 5: Hearthstone
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 4: Oaths
Precedes Chapter 6: Four Lifetimes
Viewpoint Kaladin
Word Count 2,258


I can point to the moment when I decided for certain this record had to be written. I hung between realms, seeing into Shadesmar—the realm of the spren—and beyond.

—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

Kaladin is walking through a field. He thinks about the landscape and how long it has been since he saw fertile lands. He is distrustful of the high, thick grass, because it can hide an ambusher more easily. Kaladin feels drained. Four days ago he travelled to the Shattered Plains and try to fly to Hearthstone. After half a day his stormlight ran out and he had to walk the rest of the way. The Everstorm hit Alethkar earlier that day and Kaladin finds some debris. It’s part of a roof. Alethi houses are built squat and low to weather the storms, assuming they blew from the right direction. Kaladin has tried to warn the other villages he passed, but was unable to contact his hometown in time. He himself had cut a shelter in the rock when the storm arrived. He passes Hobble's Brook and looks out over the fields. Syl remarks that Kaladin’s eyes have turned brown again, since he hasn’t drawn his shardblade in a few hours. Kaladin says they are two hours away from Hearthstone. Syl changes into a young woman, wearing a havah. She asks whether Kaladin likes the dress. She starts talking about how much effort she put in it, but is then distracted by a lurg. She then asks Kaladin why he doesn’t seem happy to be home again. Kaladin answers that he was supposed to beat the Everstorm and that he’s afraid of what he’ll find there. He then speeds up into a double march, so that he can witness what happened to his home.

The rain starts again and Syl tries to comfort Kaladin. When they crest the final hill, Kaladin braces himself, but is shocked nonetheless. Buildings are destroyed or completely blown away. The town is completely deserted. As his feelings are scrunched up inside of him, he tries to look for his own home. He doesn’t dare go there however, afraid of the death he might find there. Instead he goes to Roshone’s manor, his thoughts returning to Moash’s betrayal. Syl notices some gloomspren and they talk about how rare these are. Syl even thinks her aunt used to hunt these. It seems that she is able to remember more and more, assuming Kaladin doesn’t kill her again. They bicker about this until they arrive at the mansion. The building seems to be occupied and Kaladin mumbles to Syl to be ready. Kaladin sneaks forward towards the servant’s entrance, where the parshmen used to be housed. He feels at a large hole in the side of the shed and then hears a scraping sound behind him. A guard walks out of the mansion, drawing a mace and holding it in a shaking hand. Kaladin holds his hands up and lets the guard take him inside.



Jesnanan 1174, after the Everstorm hits Alethkar.

The countryside of Sadeas princedom and into Hearthstone.


  • The title is the name of Kaladin's hometown.

Chapter Header[edit]

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Flag and Spears

This icon is used in all of Kaladin's chapters.

Talenel wedge

Talenelat was the herald who announced the Desolations, like Kaladin announces the Everstorm to the villages he passes.

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