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Chapter 4: Oaths
Kholin Crest.svg
Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 3: Momentum
Precedes Chapter 5: Hearthstone
Viewpoint Dalinar Kholin
Word Count 4,902


I know that many women who read this will see it only as further proof that I am the godless heretic everyone claims.

—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

Two days after Sadeas is found dead, the Everstorm comes again. Dalinar is pacing restlessly through his chambers. He walks onto his balcony and feels an inner chill. He asks if this is caused by the Stormfather, but he denies it, stating that the storm is unnatural and unprecedented. When the Everstorm arrives, Dalinar forces himself to watch it as it encloses the Urithiru plateau. The storm is unnaturally quiet. So quiet, he can hear Navani slipping up behind him. Dalinar notices she has her safehand exposed. He asks whether there is any word from the west. They found out that the storm is slower than a Highstorm and doesn’t recharge spheres. Navani thinks the other monarchs must listen to them now, but Dalinar is skeptical and tells her not to underestimate their stubbornness. Dalinar feels as if the Everstorm is hateful. He gets a few impressions of the storm’s destruction from the Stormfather. At least it wasn’t the tempest they experienced when the Everstorm and the Highstorm clashed on the Shattered Plains. Still, the storm would leave thousands dead and turn all the parshmen into Voidbringers. Navani worries that Dalinar will be crushed by his failure to prevent the storm and tells him to relax. They kiss, but as the kiss grows more passionate, Dalinar stops. He is afraid of losing control and reverting to the man without control he used to be. Navani asks how this will continue, and Dalinar tells her he wants to do it properly, with oaths. They already asked a few of the ardents to marry them, but they all refused, because they consider them siblings. As they walk back into their room a brazier of coal is warming the chamber, since they don’t have the Stormlight to fuel a heat fabrial. The room is piled with furniture, but Dalinar wants to move it to the next room. As Dalinar looks at Navani again, he is glad that she is willing to take the initiative in this relationship, since that is something he always lacked in this field. He talks about his previous marriage with Shshshsh, and Navani tells him she isn’t trying to replace her. He then admits that he can’t remember her. He explains everything and that he can’t even remember how she died, only a long march alone and a city in rebellion. He wants to do it right this time. Navani suggests Elhokar to marry them, or a foreign priest. Dalinar rejects these ideas, but then comes up with a solution. He can ask the Stormfather to marry them. He is the closest thing to a god they have left, if he is willing. Dalinar looks at Navani with raised eyebrows and he shrugs. Navani asks whether this is a proposal. He answers yes, and they kiss again.

Several hours later, Dalinar rides an elevator to the top of the tower in the night. Adolin, Renarin, Shallan and a few guards are with him. The others leave him alone to give him some space to be nervous. He feels the Stormfather rumbling and tells him he was surprised the spren agreed to marry them. The Stormfather replies that he respects all oaths. When the lift reaches the top floor, the guards open the door and Dalinar walks to the roof. They had set up braziers for warmth and torches for light. Dalinar doesn’t know what to think about the fact that no one had questioned him when he announced he was going to marry Navani in the middle of the night on the roof. He seeks out Navani and finds her in a glorious red wedding gown. She is standing next to Elhokar. They also invited some others and even Kadash was standing in the back. Dalinar asks where Navani got the gown, then talks to Elhokar. He is afraid that this will further muddy his relationship with the king and apologizes. Elhokar gives them a cool blessing and then walks to one of the braziers for warmth. The Stormfather appears, his face stretching between horizons, and he addresses Dalinar. The spren’s attention then shifts to Navani. She swears an oath to Dalinar. Dalinar then does the same. This seems enough for the Stormfather, as he then disappears unceremoniously. Everyone seems shocked by the events. Adolin and Renarin come to congratulate them. The others follow their example, even Elhokar. In the end, only Dalinar and Kadash are left on the rooftop. Kadash tells him he’ll have to report this to the ardentia. Dalinar argues that the Stormfather is a remnant from the Almighty, but Kadash rejects this idea as blasphemy. Dalinar reminds him of their time together, but Kadash doesn’t want to think about the man Dalinar used to be. Dalinar suddenly remembers something of what happened the day Kadash left him for the ardentia. He remembers Kadash on his knees, retching because of what he had seen. Something that happened in The Rift. They talk about the problems with Dalinar’s visions. That he is saying the Almighty is dead. Dalinar clumsily tries to defend himself by saying that Honor was never a god in the first place, but this horrifies Kadash. He asks Dalinar to never repeat what he just said. Dalinar says that he can’t lie, since he has bonded the Stormfather. Kadash warns him that he can still make mistakes. They then leave the tower and Dalinar goes to the feast to be with Navani, his wife.



Jesnanes 1174. Two days after Sadeas is found dead.

Urithiru, in Dalinar and Navani's quarters and on top of the tower.


  • The title references the oaths Dalinar and Navani swear to each other.
  • This is the first time Dalinar remembers something that he had lost to the Nightwatcher's curse

Chapter Header[edit]

Ishar.jpgIshar.jpgKholin Crest.svgIshar.jpgIshar.jpg
Kholin Crest
Ishar wedge

Ishar is the herald of the Bondsmiths, Dalinar and Navani swear oaths to each other as they are bonded in marriage.

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