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Chapter 1: Broken and Divided
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Prologue: To Weep
Precedes Chapter 2: One Problem Solved
Viewpoint Dalinar Kholin
Word Count 2,260


I’m certain some will feel threatened by this record. Some few may feel liberated. Most will simply feel that it should not exist.

—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

It has been six days since Dalinar’s forces arrived in Urithiru. Overwhelmed by the recent events, he revisits his vision, trying to gain information from them. This vision is the first he ever experienced, where the Almighty speaks to him in a human form while overlooking a destroyed Kholinar. Dalinar, who can now revisit the visions at will because of his bond with the Stormfather, ignores the speech and studies the ruined city. He tries to discover new details he can use and eventually asks the Stormfather to transport him down. The spren objects at first, saying that it isn’t part of the vision, but then rumbles and brings Dalinar down. The Highprince reflects on the events of the past few days, of the coming of the Everstorm. He tried to warn the monarchs of Roshar, but they don’t take him seriously. Admiring the majesty of his city, even in its destroyed state, he discerns claw marks in the walls and the windblades. His thoughts immediately go back to another vision, where he fought a stone monster that could have caused this destruction. Dalinar deducts that this means the Almighty thinks the human race will fall to the Voidbringers and not to the Everstorm. He frets again about the situation. Where there should be Heralds leading them, he only has a few untrained Radiants. As the ground starts to tremble, announcing the end of the vision, the Stormfather wants to pull Dalinar out of the vision. Dalinar wants to stay, however, and feel the destruction. As the power rips the ground apart, he sees a figure in black shardplate with nine shadows standing in front of a golden light. Dalinar sees something terribly familiar in the figure’s eyes.

Dalinar finds himself sitting next to Navani, back in Urithiru. He asks the Stormfather what he just saw. The spren answers that it is Odium. He also tells Dalinar that the nine shadows symbolise the Unmade, ancient spren of the enemy. Dalinar looks up to Navani and is struck again by her beauty. She asks worriedly what happened. He tells her he has to unite the world, but Navani starts to worry for their survival in the Tower City. Dalinar calms her, saying that they can do it, using the Oathgates. They have one working pair, but could theoretically make connection with nine others. The problem is that a radiant has to travel to the corresponding Oathgates and activate them first. As Navani calms down, Dalinar is reminded of why he loves her. A knock comes at the door and a nervous scout pokes her head in. She announces that a corpse has been discovered in the hallways. The corpse of Highprince Torol Sadeas.



Jesesev 1174, six days after the Battle of Narak.



  • The title is a reference to the state of Dalinar's forces.

Chapter Header[edit]

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