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Locator Yezier.png
Ethnicity Makabaki
Ruled by Princess of Yezier
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Yezier is a landlocked princedom[1] in southwestern Roshar and one of the member states of the Azish Empire.[2] It's ruled by a princess.[3]


Yezier lays in the western part of the geographical region known as Makabak, in the south-west of Roshar. It's bordered by Desh to the North, Azir to the East, and Tashikk and Liafor to the South. Its western border sits on an unnamed river, which it shares with Alm, while in north-east, it reaches the Misted Mountains separating it from Shinovar.[2] It claims about 396 thousand square kilometers of land, making it the fifth largest state in the Azish Empire, and the seventeenth largest country on Roshar as a whole.[4]

Like most Makabaki states, Yezier appears to be rather dry and sparsely-populated. Other than its border with Alm, there are no major rivers there, and no settlements worth noting.[2]


During the Silver Kingdoms era, Yezier was part of Makabakam.[5] It's unknown when they split off. Eventually, they joined a Makabaki coalition under the leadership of the Prime Aqasix, becoming a client state to the Azish Empire.

Following the Everstorm, Dalinar Kholin sought to persuade them to join his coalition, hoping that they would help convince other states in the region.[6] While he managed to speak with their princess, she demured, awaiting the decision of the Prime Aqasix.[3] After the Azish agreed to join, Yezier followed suit, with the princess herself coming to Urithiru.[7]

Shortly before the Battle of Thaylen Field, the Azish withdrew from the coalition; however, Yezier remained, and the princess sought to tie herself and her country closer to Alethkar.[8] This might've been partially motivated by Iri defecting to Odium, as Yezier was worried about being invaded by them.[7]

Politics and Culture[edit]

Yezier is a member of the Azish Empire, and as such subject to the rule of the Prime Aqasix. However, the country has rulers of its own - currently, an unnamed princess.[3] Recently, she began courting Halam Khal, one of House Kholin highlords, although she cannot marry him without the Prime's permission.[1][8]

Yezier is traditionally very close to Azish throne, and the princess is noted to live in Azimir for half of every year.[9][8]

The country has no Oathgates.[3] It's unknown whether they possess any Shards, though ordinarily they, like any other member state, can borrow the Imperial Shardblades of Azir.[10] Whether that still holds true during the True Desolation is unknown.

They are known for their stormwardens and timekeepers.[7] Along with the neighboring country of Liafor, they are one of the centres of fashion on Roshar, and have been for decades.[11] Their likely speak one or more of the Makabaki languages.[12]

Their name might be derived from Yaezir, the name used for Jezrien across Makabak.

Notable citizens[edit]

  • The princess - the ruler of Yezier. Comes to Urithiru personally to plead for help against a possible Iri invasion.[13]
  • A Skybreaker - one of Nale's trainees in Tashikk is from Yezier, and complains about the Tashikki coyness.[14]


  • Yezier's size is comparable to that of Earth countries of Zimbabwe and Paraguay.


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