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by User: Otto didact
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Yezier is a kingdom in southwestern Roshar.[1] It bordered Alm, Desh, Azir, Tashikk, and Liafor.

During the Silver Kingdoms era, it was part of Makabakam.[2] It is currently ruled by a princess, and also subject to the Makabak Empire ruled by Yanagawn.[3] The Yezier are known for their stormwardens and timekeepers.[4]

One of Nale's Skybreaker trainees in Tashikk is from Yezier and they complain about the Tashikki being too coy.[5]

Dalinar asks Shallan her thoughts on if Yezier or Liafor could be convinced to join the Urithiru coalition, and then help convince the other countries in the region.[6] They exchange introductions with the princess over spanreed.[3] She visited Urithiru during one of the meetings, alongside Yangawn, the Emuli prime and a Tashikki ambassador. She mentions needing protection from Iri and Rira who had fallen in with the enemy.[4]

As early as the year Adolin was born the Alethi thought Liafor and Yezier produced fashionable outfits.[7]

The princess started courting Halam Khal.[8][9]


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