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Era Silver Kingdoms
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Makabakam was the largest of the historic Silver Kingdoms of Roshar.[1]


Makabakam took up most of the south-western part of the Rosharan continent. It shared most of its long northern border with Sela Tales, while in the west, it bordered Shin Kak Nish (modern Shinovar) on the Misted Mountains and to the east, it had a short border with Valhav. To the south, the country lay on the coast of the Aimian Sea and Southern Depths, and controlled a number of islands dividing those two.[1]

The city of Urithiru, the home of the Knights Radiant, was located within Makabakam borders, but it is unlikely it was actually subject to Makabaki rule.[1][2] The ancient capital of Makabakam was likely the city currently known as Azimir, as it is there that the state's Oathgate is located.[3]

In the modern era, Makabakam has split into a number of countries, including Alm, Azir, Desh, Emul, Greater Hexi, Liafor, Marat, Steen, Tashikk, Tu Fallia, Tukar, Yezier, and Triax (although Triax lays partly on lands that used to belong to Valhav).[2]


The people of Makabakam ancestry are called the Makabaki. They can be recognized by having far darker skin than most Rosharans, although they still have epicanthic folds.[4][5] There are approximately thirty Makabaki languages, with Azish being the most commonly spoken.[6]

In the present day, the region once occupied by Makabakam is called Makabak.


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