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Locator Marat.png
Occupied by Singers
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Szeth knew that Marat was rich in culture, full of people as proud as you’d find in any nation—but of almost no value on the political scale.

Szeth thinking about Marat[1]

Marat is a small kingdom in southern Roshar.[2] It is part of the Makabaki region.[3]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

Marat borders the Southern Depths to the south, Tukar to the west, Emul to the northwest, and Greater Hexi to the east. The northernmost part of Marat includes the southernmost part of mountain range in the center of the continent. A river separates the border between Marat and Tukar.[2] A grain similar to wheat that pulls down into burrows grows in Marat. Disc-like creatures with claws eat the grain then leave droppings with seeds to the east. The seeds grow into polyps, then blow back west to grow into grain.[1]

Despite its low population,[4] Marat has a few notable settlements. Along the Southern Depths is the city of Rossen Dar--possibly Marat's capital--and the towns of Jabom and Ja Dran. Near Tukar's border, there is the town of Khrishji, and close to Hexi there is the town of Mikhan.[5]

It has an area of around 524,000km2[6]. In terms of real-world nations, it is larger than the total area of Thailand.


Szeth visited the country during his exile.[1] During the True Desolation, one of the first moves of the Fused was to gather a large force of singers in southern Marat.[4] During their conquest, the singers pressed any survivors into labor at docks but allowed them to burn their dead.[1] The Fused amassed a large naval fleet of over a hundred ships in the Marat ports and coves in preparation to launch an attack at Thaylen City.[7][8] In the week before the assault, Venli lived in a cave and told the story of the listeners to the singers to prepare them to fight.[9] Nale brought Szeth and the other Skybreakers there to tell them the truth of the First Desolation.[1] The fleet left for Thaylen City during the surprise Everstorm and returned after Odium's defeat.[10]


Marat is a tribal nation. Each city in the country is run by a leader referred to as elder brother, analogous to the highprinces of eastern nations. Marat's only contribution in global politics is its role as a waystop between Vorin and Makabaki kingdoms.[1] Marat has a low population.[4] Some people in the east, including Taravangian, consider the Marati people to be barbarians.[11]



West of Marat, women's hands are not covered for modesty.[12] The people who live in Marat, as in Tukar and the Reshi Isles, tend to have brown skin tones and black hair.[13]


Marat has grand bazaars that attract merchants looking for lucrative trade.[14] Some of Marat's exports are fine furniture and rugs.[15] Highprince Dalinar Kholin used some to decorate his barracks.[15] Queen Fen gave Shallan a fine Marati rug as a wedding gift.[16] Mraize owns rugs from Marat.[9]



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