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Horneater Peaks

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Horneater Peaks
The Horneater Peaks by Yen Shu Liao.jpg
Type Mountains
Region Jah Keved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Horneater Peaks are a mountain range in Jah Keved in eastern Roshar.[1] They are the home of the Unkalaki, also known as the Horneater people.

Geography and Ecology[edit]

During a dream, Kaladin has a vision of the peaks and describes them as "majestic", populated at their tips, with villages clustered near vents emitting steam.[2][3] There are an unknown number of inhabited peaks.[4] They provide a natural defensive barrier for the nation of Jah Keved.[5] There is a strip of land east between the peaks and the border of Alethkar that is strategically important.[5]

During the Heraldic Epochs, the mountains formed most of the eastern border of the Silver Kingdom of Valhav.[6]

Rocks in the peaks are gray and darker in color than other rocks on Roshar, as the elevation of the peaks offers some protection from the highstorms and the associated crem.[7]


The top of each mountain is collapsed inward, forming a crater, which is filled with a lake of warm water. The heat from each lake is enough to create a pocket of livable land, despite the altitude. The Unkalaki call these bodies of water "Oceans".[8] The warmth of the Oceans is so great that it is often warmer on the peaks than it is on the rest of the continent.[8] Their warmth only extends to a point, after which the mountains are covered by ice fields left by highstorms.[8] Lunamor refers to his homeland as a "place of extremes" due to the juxtaposition of ice and snow with heat and humidity.[9]

In the Unkalaki settlements, the air is noticeably thinner than it is at sea level; Rock regularly refers to other Rosharan people as "airsick lowlanders".[10]


Plants such as grass and fruit trees that would not normally be seen at high elevation are able to grow near the Oceans.[8] The Unkalaki are able to cultivate crops, as they are known for their distinctive food and drink (such as "Horneater white" alcohol).[11]


Chulls breed on the southern slopes of the peaks, and the importance of this cycle is documented by Jasnah.[12] Chulls are a food source for the Unkalaki,[13] and the name "Horneater" comes from the fact that they are able to eat the entirety of chulls and other animals, including horns and shells.[10]

Geese can be found in the peaks; unlike other Rosharan languages, the Unkalaki language has unique words for different types of birds.[14]


The tops of the peaks have an unknown number of Unkalaki villages.[8] The Jokasha Monastery is located on the western slopes of the peaks.[15]

Notable Features[edit]

Vivenna (as Azure) states that the Horneater Peaks contain Cultivation's Perpendicularity.[8] Specifically, the lakes or "Oceans" contain the perpendicularity.[16] The Unkalaki revere the Oceans and they have a number of unusual qualities. They give off heat, and are emerald in color.[8] Lunamor maintains that the water is connected to the gods, and that outsiders would be killed if they swam in it.[8] Bathing in the lakes is part of the reason that some Unkalaki are able to see hidden spren.[8]

The perpendicularity has been the “door” into Roshar for several worldhoppers, including Hoid and Vivenna.[17]


The story of how the Unkalaki came to live in the Peaks is only known through legend. The Unkalaki are known to be hybrids of singers and humans.[18] According to Unkalaki tradition, they became pariahs in Roshar due to their fighting prowess and had to appeal to the gods to create a new place for them to live.[8]

Over time, the Unkalaki are reintroduced to Rosharan society; at the end of the Era of Solitude it is not uncommon to encounter a Horneater in the larger cities of Jah Keved and Alethkar, and many people in the area have partially red hair that indicates some measure of Horneater blood.[19]

Although the Unkalaki technically live within the borders of Jah Keved, they are essentially treated as a sovereign nation with the peaks as their territory; they are not referred to as Veden.[20] They are not mentioned as participants in any of the many skirmishes between Jah Keved and Alethkar. The residents of different peaks occasionally attack each other, but this is rare.[9] They desperately want to win Shardblades and Shardplate, but have not been able to do so.[10]

After the True Desolation, Lunamor's family travels to find him and tell him that something is very wrong in their homeland.[9] When Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, and Azure travel to Shadesmar, they learn that ships traveling from the area of the peaks to Celebrant have not been arriving.[21] They later learn that Voidspren and the Fused mysteriously arrived in the southwestern part of Shadesmar (west of the Nexus of Imagination) and traveled to the perpendicularity. The Voidspren then occupy the area, sailing warships and demanding tribute.[22] Other ships in Shadesmar now refuse to sail to the perpendicularity.[22]

In the Physical Realm, Adrotagia tells Taravangian that the Unmade Moelach has settled in the peaks and that Joshor has been sent to investigate.[5]


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