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Horneater Peaks

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Horneater Peaks
Type Mountains
Region Jah Keved
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Horneater Peaks are a mountain range in Jah Keved on Roshar. The Unkalaki civilization lives around large lakes on the peaks called Oceans. Each peak has one Ocean. They provide warmth so that the peaks have habitable temperatures, while the area surrounding the peaks consists of frozen wastelands.

These lakes are described by Sigzil as ordinary hot springs of sorts:

The Top of each mountain forms a kind of crater, [...] which is filled with a large lake of warm water. The heat is enough to create a pocket of livable land, despite the altitude. Walk too far from one of the Horneater towns, though, and you'll end up in freezing temperatures and ice fields left by the highstorms.

Rock, on the other hand, ascribes them mystical attributes. He says that under the normal water is Water of life. He says that the Oceans are connected to the Gods and that Horneaters who swim in the Oceans can sometimes see the Place of the Gods (most likely Shadesmar). He says swimming in the Oceans is lethal to outsiders, while Sigzil claims that the Horneaters just kill every outsider who attempts to do it.

Another name that Sigzil uses for the lakes is emerald pools.

The Horneater lakes are Cultivation's Perpendicularity, the only known Perpendicularity on Roshar.

Sanderson has confirmed that the Elantrian pool and the Horneater lakes are the same thing.[2]


The Horneater Peaks were occupied by some of the Fused at some point after the summoning from the Everstorm but before the occupation of Kholinar. This blocked all reliable means of travel into Shadesmar other than those via Surgebinding.

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