Era of Solitude

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Era of Solitude
Participants Heralds, Knights Radiant, Voidbringers, Singers, Unmade
Effects Enslavement of the singers, disbandment of the Radiants
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive

The Voidbringers were cast back into the Tranquiline Halls. The Heralds followed to force them out of heaven as well, and Roshar’s Heraldic Epochs ended. Mankind entered the Era of Solitude. The modern era.

The Era of Solitude is the name given to the four thousand year period following the Heraldic Epochs.[1]

Silver Kingdoms[edit]

The Silver Kingdoms existed from some time prior to Aharietiam[1] until likely just after the Day of Recreance.[2] The Knights Radiant supported a unified kingdom across the land connecting everyone via Urithiru, with Alethela being the center of protection for all of the Kingdoms.[3] After the fall of the Knights, and with Urithiru abandoned (leaving each kingdom isolated) they would no longer be able to function as they had.[1]


The Era of Solitude began after the Last Desolation known as Aharietiam.[1] After being told that the Voidbringers had been defeated by the remaining Heralds, mankind began rebuilding for the first time in years.[4]

Events of the Era of Solitude[edit]

The End[edit]

The Era of Solitude lasted up until the return of the Fused and Odium. This takes place the day the Listeners created the Everstorm the Beginning of the True Desolation.

Time Keeping[edit]

The current Vorin calendar in the Era of Solitude did not begin at the end of Aharietiam, but a date approximately three thousand years afterward. This date that starts the calendar takes place some time after the Day of Recreance but before the Hierocracy.[10]


History of Roshar
The Last Desolation The Era of Solitude The True Desolation
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