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Abilities Splinter of Odium
Groups Unmade
Species Spren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

There is one you will watch. Though all of them have some relevance to precognition, Moelach is one of the most powerful in this regard. His touch seeps into a soul as it breaks apart from the body, creating manifestations powered by the spark of death itself.

—From the Diagram, Book of the 2nd Desk Drawer: Paragraph 15[1]

Moelach is one of the Unmade,[2] an ancient and terrible spren of Odium.[3] He is one of the great Mindless Unmade, like Ashertmarn and Nergaoul,[4] more a force or a creature of instinct than a conscious being.[5] Moelach is the source of the Death Rattles, visions of the future experienced by people on Roshar during their final moments of life.[6][7] Most recently, Moelach has taken up residence in the Horneater Peaks.[8]


Moelach was said to grant visions of the future at different times—but most commonly at the transition point between realms. When a soul was nearing the Tranquiline Halls.

—From Hessi's Mythica, page 144[9]

See also: Death Rattle

Moelach is strongly associated with precognition; he is said to grant visions of the future at various times.[2][9] The most typical of these visions are known as the Death Rattles, wherein people on their deathbed are granted a brief vision of the future,[9] often speaking aloud in their final moments to communicate what they are seeing.[10] Moelach's touch seeps into a person's soul as they separate from their body, powering the vision with their death.[1] This effect is directly associated with proximity to Moelach, the Death Rattles occur only when he is in the region,[7] although it is uncertain how far this effect extends. Traditionally, these Death Rattles have been ascribed to the Almighty, although some such as Hessi have figured out their true origin. It has been indicated that he may cause precognition to occur at other times,[9] but these are as of yet unknown.


Moelach is close. I can hear his wheezing, his scratching, his scraping at time like a rat breaking through walls.

Jezrien on Moelach[11]

Moelach's origin is unknown, it is uncertain when he came into being. He was involved in the past Desolations,[12] although it is uncertain what if any role he played in them. After Aharietiam, Moelach seems to have remained active on Roshar, roving from place to place. It seems that over the centuries Moelach has slumbered at times, during which the Death Rattles cease.[6] They were noted to have returned around around the year 1166.[10] By that time Moelach was somewhere near Kholinar, as Jezrien sensed his proximity.[11] By 1173 or so, Moelach was in the vicinity of Kharbranth, where King Taravangian was systemically killing ill and insignificant people and collecting their Death Rattles.[10] By late that year, Moelach had begun to move westward, drastically reducing the number of Death Rattles Taravangian could collect.[6] It had settled in the Horneater Peaks by early 1174,[8] where it possibly has had some deleterious effects on the Unkalaki.[13] Joshor, one of Taravangian's Silent Gatherers,[14] was pursuing it, attempting to gain access to the Death Rattles.[8]


  • As with several other Unmade, Moelach's name is derived from a real-life deity of ancient Canaanite pantheon. In his case, the inspiration behind his name is most likely Moloch, a god commonly associated with child sacrifice.[15]


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