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Skar Portrait by Marie Seeberger.jpg
Abilities Windrunner
Groups Knights Radiant (Windrunners)
Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Skar is a member of Bridge Four and a proto-Windrunner on Roshar.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Skar is short and wiry.[3] He has sharp features, and his hair is turning silver at the temples, although he is only in his early thirties. He is never without his spear.[4]

He tends to be stubborn and extremely loyal. He has a lot of faith in Kaladin and his abilities as a Knight Radiant, as well as a strong feeling of identity as a member of Bridge Four.

Skar was one of two bridgemen that instinctively understood the training Kaladin gave them, the other being Moash. He is described by Kaladin as a killer.[4]

Skar tries not to feel sorry for himself. He helps encourage others, such as Lyn, on their journey to become Windrunner squires. This shows that Skar tends to put others before himself.


Before finding himself on Bridge Four, Skar was a laborer, more specifically he was a rocksplitter. Wanting more for himself, he aspired to join the ranks of the Blackcaps, Highprince Aladar's personal bodyguards. When Skar approached the Blackcaps to join them they told him that while they do accept darkeyes, they do not accept runts. After some reconsideration the Blackcaps told Skar that if he could outfit himself with a uniform, armor and weapons they would consider letting Skar join. As a common darkeye laborer, Skar had no money or resources to get the equipment he needed. Thinking that the Blackcaps would see him as resourceful and daring, he stole the necessary gear from the Blackcaps quartermaster. Instead of being impressed with Skar, they branded him a slave and sold him to Torol Sadeas. Once purchased by Sadeas's army, Skar was quickly put into bridge crews and he found himself on Bridge Four.[5]

He was one of the first to join in and eat Rock's stew.[6] He became one of the bridge's subsquad commanders.[7] Skar stood watch over Kaladin during his recovery from being hung up in a highstorm.[8]

Skar sustains an injury to his leg during the Battle of the Tower.[9]

After being promoted to lieutenant by Kaladin, he and Moash (the best fighters among the bridge crews) are assigned to guard Dalinar Kholin.[4] When Bridge Four receives their guard uniforms, Skar is the first to tear off the Cobalt Guard patch, insisting that they're Bridge Four instead.[4]

At the Battle of Narak, he and Drehy were assigned to guard Adolin. He helped save Adolin from plummeting into a chasm by grabbing and holding onto the steel link skirt of his shardplate. [10]

Two weeks after the Battle of Narak, of Bridge Four only Skar, Rlain and Dabbid are unable to draw in Stormlight. Skar tries to not feel sorry for himself, but worries that he will no longer be useful in Bridge Four. Skar also doesn't want the other members of Bridge Four to pity him or to console him, he wants things to remain as they are and for them to see him as a good solider.[5]

During a Bridge Four training exercise Skar is helping Sigzil and other members of Bridge Four measure and test out the abilities of someone infused with Stormlight. For one test he runs a mile through the markets of Urithiru to the ramp of the Oathgate, comparing his time to Drehy who was did the same run while powered by Stormlight. While waiting for Kaladin to show up and activate the Oathgate, Skar and Teft have a conversation regarding Skar's place in Bridge Four. Skar vents his frustrations to Teft about not gaining his powers and Teft notes that there is nothing wrong with being on the support team. Skar vehemently disagrees with the notion, telling Teft how long he waited to hold a spear and get a chance to prove himself as a warrior.[5]

While thinking on his future role in Bridge Four, Skar engages in a conversation with the scout, Lyn. Lyn was chosen as a possible candidate to join the Windrunners. Lyn shares Skar's frustration about not being able to absorb Stormlight. Instead of telling Lyn to not feel sorry for herself, he tells her the story of when Kaladin first absorbed Stormlight. It was bridge run in which Bridge Four was a target for Parshendi arrows, and it was getting particularly bloody. Skar was in the second row, and the man in front of him stood beside Kaladin. The man in front of Skar fell and Skar knew for certainty that he would fall next as he was fully exposed then. Just as he came to peace with dying, the arrows that were shot at him swerved and hit next to Kaladin instead. Kaladin had drawn the arrows towards himself unconsciously, thus saving Skar's life. Skar asks Lyn why she wants to be a Windrunner and she responds by saying that she wants to soar. Skar tells her that is not good enough. He says that Kaladin wasn't thinking about flying or being left out when he first gained his powers. He was thinking about saving the Bridge Four, about saving Skar. He tells Lyn that she needs to make the most of the opportunity, to size a hold of it and try her best. Skar tells her that if she doesn't and gives up instead, then she has no right to complain. As Lyn is contemplating Skar's words, she sucks in Stormlight. After she does this Skar muses if that's his lot, being a teacher or facilitator to people wanting to become Radiants. Walking over to Rock, Skar asks him that since he probably will never become a Windrunner if he can help cook instead. While discussing this Rock notes that Skar is glowing. Skar has finally drawn in and absorbed Stormlight, becoming a full squire to the Windrunners.[5]

Skar is chosen by Kaladin to be a part of the mission to travel to Kholinar and assess its current status. On the trip there it is revealed that Skar now has some basic understanding of Lashes, as he and Drehy help Kaladin keep everyone on the mission in the air.[11]

During the Battle of Kholinar, Skar plays a big part in the battle, being one of the better warriors in the human's group. He moves back and forth from fighting with Kaladin to helping protect Shallan as she attempts to fight the Unmade that have infiltrated Kholinar. Skar was not among those on the Oathgate to be transferred to the Shadesmar. It is assumed he and Drehy remained in Kholinar trying to find a way to escape. [12]

After the Battle of Thaylen Field, Kaladin travels to cave on a coast in Alethkar on information received from spanreed. Once entering the cave he finds that Skar and Drehy have survived the Battle of Kholinar, having covered their tattoos and scars with ash. Not only have they survived, they also managed to protect Elhokar's son and heir to the Alethi throne, Gavinor, as well as Vathah and the rest of Shallan's followers along with a small group of other refugees. [1]



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