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Abilities Lightweaver
Bonded With Mosaic
Groups Knights Radiant (Lightweavers)
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Vathah is a mercenary and deserter.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is described as tall and bearded, with arms too long for his body.[1] He is a darkeyes and speaks with very little emotion, not even seeming to have much emotion.[1] He is also very blunt, and is also quite intimidating to those who don't know him.[2]


He is the leader of the group of mercenaries spotted by Bluth which includes Gaz among their numbers.They spot Tvlakv's caravans and begin chasing slowly on foot, following the trail of crushed rockbuds left behind by the chulls.[3] His band of deserters are rugged and dirty, but take good care of their weapons and equipment.[1] There are roughly 25 men in his band[1][3] Eventually Shallan Davar turns around and uses her Lightweaving in order to convince his crew to fight on her behalf. He does not take her seriously and begins ordering Gaz to tie her up and take her hostage. Vathah and two others are not convinced but the rest of his men are swayed and charge into the fight, the first of whom is Gaz. He is angry that he loses seven men in the battle, which he feels will not exonerate him or his men for what they did nor stop the recurring nightmares. He then questions Shallan on why she seemed so regal during their meeting before the fight, but then looks like a spoiled child afterwards. She dismisses his questions, at which point he grabs her and becomes threatening until distracted from her by Pattern.[2] He dislikes the mission as a whole, and thinks that Shallan will not be able to do anything for them.[2] Vathah is also against art of any kind in the beginning, sneering at those who ask for drawings.[4]

He is often very brooding, and is not usually in the best of moods. He greatly dislikes Shallan, insulting his men because they want to help her.[5] He can be quite stealthy, and later during his time in Urithiru takes great interest in learning espionage.[1] As well as he can play a part well.[6] After Tyn is killed, Vathah accepts Shallan as a true master, and gains respect for her. He will only take orders from her, and won't do what he is told not to.[6] It does not mean he will do whatever she tells him to do though, and thinks it stupid when others work overly to please her.[7] Once arriving at the Warcamps Vathah gets his record cleared of past crimes, and is housed in a tenement in Highprince Sebarial's Warcamp.[8] Vathah will mainly speak in grunts, preferring not to use actual words. Vathah also does not like sitting around and doing nothing, even if he gets paid to do it.[9] He seems to understand many jokes, but barely acknowledges them, except for the occasional grunt.[7] When given a job, he will do it wholeheartedly, as long as he accepts it.[7]

After the relocation to Urithiru Vathah does not have much do to for a few weeks, and so he starts to to take his job less seriously. He slouches and yawns while guarding Shallan, because she doesn't seem to even want him there.[10] Despite this he does not think of Shallan as a bad employer. She has only done right by him, in his book.[11] Even though he doesn't really like Shallan too much, she has done no wrong by him, but she is his boss, when in the middle of doing something he forgets these thing, acting nicer and more friendly towards people.[12] Vathah wants people to think him a ruthless person who only cares about getting the job done and being paid, but he is not naturally that person.[13] Vathah does not want any of his men getting in trouble again, and ensures that they don't do what they did before Shallan came, like making sure that Gaz does not get in debt again.[13] When learning how to do espionage from Ishnah Vathah gets very interested, and does not participate in the rest of the guards friendly banter.[14] He has a lot of enthusiasm for the training, and quite a bit of natural talent.[14] He takes things in stride when they are part of his job, or tries to seem like he does: when he does get surprised, but he doesn't let it slow him down.[15]

Later during the siege of Kholinar he becomes a squire to Shallan.[16] This is probably related to his skill in espionage, as that is a Lightweaver trait.[16]


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