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Unseen Court
Leader Shallan Davar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

You must control the face rather than let it control you.

The Unseen Court is an organization of Lightweavers on Roshar.[1]


The Unseen Court is aligned with the coalition of monarchs.[1] Shallan sees their greatest impact as being spies. Jasnah puts much greater value on their ability to Soulcast food.[2]


Whatever you did, it’s behind you. We accept you, Vathah. The Unseen Court is a family.

Shallan is the leader of the Unseen Court and is known as Master Lightweaver. Newly joined individuals are referred to as squires until they bond a spren. Once they bond a spren, they are known as Agent Lightweavers. Cryptics are willing to bond humans quicker than other spren.[1]

There are twenty members of the Unseen Court, with roughly an even split of men and women. Though members who have earned their own Shardblade could break off and develop their own group of squires, they choose to stay together. Shallan believes the court is complete.[1]

The Unseen Court practices in a chamber deep under Urithiru, as their training involves using Lightweaving to distract their opponents. They practice using swords, more as a way to improve their disguises, as combat is seen as a last resort. [1]


Pursuit of Sons of Honor[edit]

Red embedded himself in the Sons of Honor using the illusion of a dark-eyed workman. He was not considered important enough to warrant an audience with Ialai Sadeas.[4] Shallan disguised herself as Chanasha Hasareh in an attempt to get brought into the Sons of Honor, which succeeded.[5][4] Shallan is brought to Ialai Sadeas's bed chamber, who immediately assumed she was an assassin from the Ghostbloods.[6] Shallan (as Radiant) used a needle of Blackbane to kill Ialai, though she blocked this from her memory to protect herself.[7] She believed a second Ghostblood spy was amongst the Unseen Court. Vathah, Ishnah, Stargyle, and Beryl were also on this mission.[1]

Mission to Shadesmar[edit]

The coalition of monarchs decided to send a group to Lasting Integrity to recruit honorspren to their cause.[8] Shallan was asked to recruit three Lightweavers to join the mission to Soulcast food and water. Shallan selected Ishnah, Vathah, and Stargyle, as they had shown the most interest and were most likely the Ghostblood's spy.[1] At the last minute, Stargyle's wife became sick and Beryl was added as a replacement.[2] Over the course of two weeks, the group sailed from Nohadon's Stairways to Nameless.[9] While this happened, Shallan used a box containing the seon Ala to communicate to Mraize. She noticed that someone else was using the box and feared that one of the Court was using the box to communicate to Mraize.[9]

Shallan devised a plan to catch the Ghostblood's spy. She fed misinformation to each member of her team about corrupted spren she'd seen. She told Beryl she'd seen corrupted gloryspren, she told Ishnah she'd seen corrupted windspren, and she told Vathah she'd seen corrupted fearspren.[3] Mraize leaked that he'd heard about corrupted gloryspren, which implicated Beryl.[10] Pattern had in fact been the one to communicate using the box, but only to Wit.[11][12] It was a Ghostblood Sleepless posing as a writing instrument for Wit was the source of Mraize's information.[13] Shallan was relieved to know she had not been betrayed by the Unseen Court.[12]

Upon their arrival in Nameless, Shallan and Vathah posed as cultivationspren in order to scout the area. Once they arrived in Lasting Integrity, Shallan entered the stronghold, while the rest of the Unseen Court camped outside.[11] Shallan and Adolin completed their mission, having convinced the honorspren to join the war and open their fortress to outsiders.[7]

Notable Members[edit]


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