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Blackbane by Yen Shu Liao.jpg
Type Plant, Poison
Native to Unclaimed Hills
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Blackbane is a poisonous plant that grows on Roshar.[1] Blackbane leaves only become deadly once they have been dried.

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Blackbane has narrow, dark green leaves. Its tip is divided into three points.[2] The stem of the plant resembles a trefoil prong.[1]


Dried blackbane leaves are poisonous. Ingesting them causes paralysis which in turn keeps the victim from being able to breathe. The dried leaves are said to become more potent the longer they are aged.[3] Victims of blackbane poisining have visibly darkened skin afterwards.[4] Blackbane is difficult to make. After drying the leaves, it is made into a gum. Eating blackbane does not kill as quickly as injecting it straight into the blood.[5]


During his time in Tvlakv's slave caravan, Kaladin managed to find a blackbane plant and hid a few leaves in a makeshift belt. One night he had taken them out to contemplate what he planned to do with them thinking of either trying to poison Tvlakv or committing suicide. He ended up accidentally crushing and subsequently losing them in his anger over Tvlakv's execution of a sick slave. Syl was curious about the leaves but Kaladin was reluctant to tell her anything.[1] Later, Syl tracked down a blackbane leaf for Kaladin in a misguided attempt to cheer him up. She got back with it just as Kaladin was getting ready to give up and jump into the Honor Chasm. She was unaware that blackbane was poisonous, but had noticed that Kaladin seemed to become depressed after losing the leaves. She hoped that having a new one would cheer him up and renew his desire to fight. Thanks to this kind (though misguided) action on Syl's part, Kaladin decided against jumping and returned to Bridge Four with renewed purpose.[6]

Wikim gave Shallan the bag of dried blackbane that he had been carrying for over a year, to indicate that he no longer wanted to kill himself thanks to her compassion in directing his study.[3] She eventually used it in an attempt to kill her father after he killed his wife Malise Gevelmar.[7]

The tip of the darts fired at Taln during his kidnapping from the warcamp monastery were coated with blackbane.[8]

The Sleepless Nikliasorm used blackbane to kill Screech. Later, it tried to pin the murder on Cord by claiming to find blackbane in her quarters, but Rysn saw through the lie.[9][4]

Vathah knew of an officer in Sadeas' army who utilized blackbane to commit suicide after it was discovered he was smuggling. Ishnah's gang also utilized the poison, and Radiant used blackbane to kill Ialai Sadeas with a needle hidden in her satchel.[5]


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