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Chapter 20: The Coldness of Clarity[edit]

Chapter 20: Pattern
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 19: Safe Things
Precedes Chapter 21: Ashes
Viewpoint Shallan

Artform applied for beauty and hue.
One yearns for the songs it creates.
Most misunderstand by the artist it's true,
Come the spren to foundation's fate.

—From the listener Song of Listing, 90th stanza

Plot summary
Tanatishes 1173

Shallan's caravan arrives at the source of the smoke and they find burned wagons and the aftermath of a battle with corpses and some survivors. As Shallan and Tvlakv debate whether to approach the burning wagons or flee, a woman from those wagons confronts them, and notes the deserters chasing Shallan. Shallan offers the woman her protection but she laughs and says Shallan can join her caravan to die as they now face two possible enemy groups. Shallan sends Tvlakv to the woman's caravan while she has Bluth drive her with a wagon toward the deserters to confront them. Using stormlight to weave a disguise to make her appear noble, she speaks to the deserters, asking them for help against the other bandit group and offering amnesty and a fresh start. Vathah, the leader of the deserters, scoffs at her offer but many of his followers are enticed and charge toward the battle to fight the bandits. Shallan then convinces Vathah and the rest to help out. Shallan used all her stormlight so she stays out of the fighting. Pattern compliments Shallan on her ability to use words to transform people without using soulcasting. Shallan draws a prayer glyph for hope and awaits the outcome of the battle.


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