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The Unmade are a deviation, a flair, a conundrum that may not be worth your time. You cannot help but think of them. They are fascinating. Many are mindless. Like the spren of human emotions, only much more nasty. I do believe a few can think however.
—From the Diagram, Book of the 2nd Desk Drawer: paragraph 14

Plot Summary
Ishishach 1173

Dalinar goes to the edge of a plateau and looks across a chasm to see a large group of Parshendi with glowing red eyes. Dalinar calms down the other highprinces and gives orders for the army to be prepared for battle. Navani says she can't hide from danger since she has to setup her fabrials. Dalinar gives a motivational speech to nearby soldiers saying that he was sent from the Almighty with knowledge of what they face from visions of the past and to trust that the Voidbringers will be countered by the Radiants as in the past. As they wait to join the battle, the Parshendi start singing. Rlain appears as summoned and says that song is of death and destruction and power. The Parshendi start glowing, and Rlain tells them they must stop the song or else. Heeding the countdown that says this is the last day that it was leading to, Dalinar orders that his army attack immediately.

Kaladin walks through the lighteyes training ground, still injured and walking with a crutch. Kal talks with Zahel who says the Purelake reminds him of his home unlike the Shattered Plains. Zahel says they flooded the grounds to wash the sand with the Weeping rains. Kal says he is looking for Wit but Zahel says he isn't around. Kal explains his dilemma vaguely and Zahel replies to choose the option that lets him sleep at night. Kal tries to do his spear forms but has difficulty due to his injury. Kal has an insight that Elhokar is Dalinar's Tien.

Adolin receives his orders to attack, and orders his soldiers to be ready to charge against the Parshendi. Upon signal, his group charges, but they get hit by a lightning blast which kills Adolin's ryshadium and he is thrown from the saddle and dazed briefly. Adolin sees flashes of red lightning taking out his soldiers. He yells at his men to advance as if they were fighting archers. He is struck directly by a bolt of lightning but it only blinds him momentarily. He attacks with his shardblade, killing some parshendi, and he sees small red spren leave the corpses and vanish.

Shallan sketches a map of the nearby plateaus so they can try to locate the Oathgate, as a scout reports on the local terrain and Parshendi locations. Pattern says something is very bad. Inadara implies that Pattern is related to the Voidbringers and he replies that she is more likely to be one, causing her to be annoyed. Renarin studies Pattern closely. Pattern says the red stormspren are a form of voidspren that present a great danger. Another scout arrives and says that Shallan's drawing of the central plateau is wrong and that it is round, not thin and long, and this alarms Shallan.

Dalinar orders Renarin to find some soldiers to accompany Shallan, and to lead them. He sees that the fighting is tough but his men are holding against the wind and lightning attacks. Dalinar redeploys his soldiers and orders Navani's fabrials to be used. As he walks, he hears a voice and realizes it is the same one as from his visions.


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