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This is, I suspect, a little like a skunk naming itself for its stench.

Plot Summary
Ishashev 1173

Kaladin wakes up in his cell resigned to the monotony of solitude and darkness. He sees a strange spren that looks like taut wires. He talks to Syl who is nearby but hidden and tells him about a Cryptic, a revolting kind of spren who hid from Syl before she could find it, though she realizes that the Cryptic may be trying to bond another Radiant and that Kal may not be alone in the near future.

Dalinar shows up and Kaladin salutes him by reflex. Dalinar tells Kaladin to pretend he is guarding the prison cell and that Elhokar may relent soon and allow Kal to be released once the pardon doesn't make the king seem too ambivalent. Dalinar says that his men are being taken care of and that his reputation with Dalinar is not harmed, but Kaladin retorts that the king has a history of allowing people to rot in prison, and Dalinar knows about the situation that Kal is talking about and says he would prefer to not speak of the Roshone affair, which shocks Kaladin. Kaladin asks for a further explanation and Dalinar gives it reluctantly. Dalinar says that he wanted to demote Roshone but was overridden and ended up exiling him where he could do no harm, not knowing what happened later in Hearthstone. Kaladin says the mercy shown Roshone is rarely granted to darkeyes, and Dalinar replies that Kaladin is in a special position and that he has to show extra loyalty. Dalinar also explains that he trusts his instincts about Kaladin as a man that can help inspire positive change in the kingdom, and that he wants Kaladin to lead by example and not act erratically.

After Dalinar leaves, Kaladin discusses the revelations with Syl and blames his family's misfortunes on Elhokar. Kaladin concludes that Moash is right and that the king must die.


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