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Chapter 35: The Multiplied Strain of Simultaneous Infusion
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Interlude I-8
Precedes Chapter 36
Viewpoint Adolin Kholin


They also, when they had settled their rulings in nature of each bond's placement, called the name of it the Nahel bond, with regard to its effect upon the souls of those caught in its grip; in this description, each was related to the bonds that drive Roshar itself, ten Surges, named in turn and two for each order; in this light, it can be seen that each order would by necessity share one Surge with each of its neighbors.

—From Words of Radiance, chapter 8, page 6

Plot Summary[edit]

Adolin paces about on a plateau, wearing his shardplate, dwelling on the assassination attempt the prior evening. Adolin tries to practice throwing his shardblade but loses focus often since he did not get any sleep because he was guarding his fathers quarters throughout the night. Adolin thinks that his three bridgemen guards are useless, but reflects that Kaladin was unusually effective in protecting Dalinar, though he is also very unlikable and strange. Adolin succeeds in throwing his shardblade, and returns to the warcamp with his bodyguards, and notices a procession of soulcasters that usually aren't seen during daytime. Adolin converses with the main ardent soulcaster Kadash and learns that their services are in high demand and that they have to increase their training and work shifts. Adolin watches as a group of soulcasters working behind a silk screen for concealment use their fabrials in concert to create a stone windbreak. Adolin questions Kadash about the old Radiants and Kadash answers noncomittally at first until Adolin expresses that he needs information urgently due to the fact that the assassin had Radiant-like abilities and Kadash then agrees to do research for Adolin.

Navani stands on an observation platform in the engineering grounds and supervises an experiment to use a fabrial to cause a platform to be raised into the air. After extensive preparations and careful implementation, their attempt to cause a round wooden parapet to float in the air without support succeeds. Adolin joins Navani and they talk in private, with Navani explaining in technical terms how she arranged fabrials in tandem to act like levers to produce the desired results. Adolin realizes the military application for this, but Navani says there are more practical applications than raising archers in a battlefield. Adolin confronts Navani over her relationship with Dalinar and the awkward position that his father is in regarding violating social customs that he lectures other highprinces about following, but she scoffs at those traditions, and tells Adolin that he is free of his betrothal for the time being due to Jasnah's disappearance. Adolin and Navani leave for a meeting with Dalinar and Elhokar.




The Kholin Warcamp.

Chapter header[edit]

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Shardplate Icon

The icon used for Adolin's chapters.

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Paliah is associated with the divine attribute of "Builder" and Navani has built a new fabrial.

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Battar is associated with the divine attribute of Carefulness, and the fabrials are designed to protect the camps.

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