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As to the other orders that were inferior in this visiting of the far realm of spren, the Elsecallers were prodigiously benevolent, allowing others as auxiliary to their visits and interactions; though they did never relinquish their place as prime liaisons with the great ones of the spren; and the Lightweavers and Willshapers both also had an affinity to the same, though neither were true masters of that realm.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 6, page 2

Plot Summary
Ishevach 1173

Adolin duels Elit with precision, realizing that his previous tactics didn't persuade anyone into accepting his challenges. Adolin wears down Elit with small strikes to his armor, causing many small cracks until Elit's armor eventually is drained of Stormlight and he is unable to move. Adolin shoves Elit who falls to the ground, and is awarded judgment.

Adolin retires to his staging room where Renarin and Navani wait. Shallan shows up to congratulate him. Navani compliments Shallan and leaves before Shallan can say anything and Adolin says to give her time to grieve. Shallan says that she wants to have dinner and a walk with Adolin the next day and says that her research says that if Adolin wins his next bout in a spectacular fashion it could help him with his duels. Relis Ruthar storms into the staging area demanding the bout be nullified but Highjudge Istow refuses. Adolin offers to wager six shards and fight Relis alongside whoever Relis chooses and Relis accepts to duel in two days. Shallan explains her plan to Adolin.


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