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Chapter 10: Red Carpet, Once White
Shallan Flashback Chapters.svg
Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 9: Walking the Grave
Precedes Chapter 11: An Illusion of Perception
Viewpoint Shallan Davar
Word Count 322

Plot Summary[edit]

Six years ago

Shallan believes the world is ending and it is her fault. She is crying. As her father tries to get her to sleep, he wipes some blood from her face and starts singing a lullaby. Shallan thinks she is a monster that kills and thus is unworthy of the love and affection her father is giving her. In the room there are several corpses one of them being a woman in white, Shallan's mother. She didn't bleed very much, as opposed to the other corpse, a man. As Shallan and her father pass the his save in the wall Shallan can see the light form the "monster" coming from inside of it. After the song ends her father leaves the bedroom closing the door on the corpses.


  • Shallan's mother
  • Another man


The Davar estates.


  • The image to depict Shallan's chapters switches from a picture of Shadesmar, to Pattern.


Now go to sleep in chasms deep, with darkness all around you.

Though rock and dread may be your bed, so sleep my baby dear.
Now comes the storm, but you'll be warm, the wind will rock your basket.
The crystals fine, will glow sublime, so sleep my baby dear.
And with a song, it won't be long, you'll sleep my baby dear.

—The lullaby Lin sings to Shallan

Chapter Header[edit]

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