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Yes, I'm disappointed. Perpetually, as you put it

Plot Summary
Ishashah 1173

Kaladin sits in his cell, moping and feeling dejected. He tries to absorb stormlight from a sphere outside his cell, and has brief difficulty before he is able to soak it into his fingertips. Sylphrena appears and says she is worried about Kaladin growing dark. Feeling slightly better, Kaladin takes his meal as a puzzled guard swaps out the dun sphere.

Shallan panics, but thinks quickly and creates an illusion of darkness to conceal herself within the cell. Amaram and Bordin enter the cell and close the door. Shallan feels muted anger at seeing Helaran's killer though she realizes that her brother may have been killed in self-defense as a possible assassin. Amaram looks at Taln and proclaims that his and Gavilar's plan has succeeded. Bordin tells Amaram that Taln spoke of a cache of shardblades once to Bordin and Amaram asks Bordin to take him to the location before someone else finds it, and the two depart. Shallan feels like she is in over head with the conspiracies, though Pattern doesn't understand her analogy.

Shallan returns to say goodbye to Iyatil after giving her the transcription of Taln's ramblings and a brief description of Amaram's visit, and verifying that she can escape on her own, and apologizes to the ardents for getting lost in the temple. Iyatil says how impressed she is, and asks who Shallan really is, and she replies that she is a seeker of truth, then leaves.

Shallan sends a full report to Mraize, and receives a reply that she had proven herself and is safe from any danger from the other Ghostbloods, and that she is to get a tattoo to symbolize her loyalty to the Ghostbloods and that she is now admitted as a member of their group.


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