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However, it seems to me that all things have been set up for a purpose, and if we—as infants—stumble through the workshop, we risk exacerbating, not preventing, a problem.

Plot Summary
Ishakach 1173

Kaladin is on a scouting expedition to the Shattered Plains and has bad memories of being a bridgeman. He frets that he is unable to absorb stormlight unless Sylphrena is near him and she admonishes him for being naughty and acts capriciously toward him. He grows angry that Syl doesn't agree with his decision and says he is broken and she replies that all the old knights were, then she flies away. Kaladin decides to ignore Sylphrena and enjoy the company of bridge four as they reach a plateau with a permanent scouting location. He overhears a scout tell Dalinar that a glowing flying man was spotted in the Plains, and Dalinar believes that this was Szeth. Dalinar and Kaladin discuss how Renarin is fitting in with bridge four and if that is affecting him positively or not.

Kaladin has more difficulty absorbing stormlight, finds Sylphrena later, almost acting like a windspren, and she tells Kaladin to decide what he wants, and he realizes he made two conflicting promises to Moash and Dalinar which violates the code of Honor. He asks for advice and Sylphrena tells him to find the Words, and then she flies away.

Shallan draws a sketch of one of the mechanical bridges being unfolded, and Kaladin also watches, and recognizes one of the carpenters. Moash shows up in his shards and salutes Kaladin though he outranks him, and says he will always be part of bridge four even as a lighteyes. Moash says that the assassination plot is close to fruition and that they only need Kaladin to create an opening, which makes him worry over what Sylphrena told him. Adolin and Kaladin discuss contingencies for a possible attack by Szeth, and Adolin asks for advice about women. Adolin tries to get Kaladin to reveal his abilities but fails. Shallan joins them and starts sketching some moss, and they banter a bit, with Shallan getting upset that Kaladin insulted Adoliin and that Kal acts so negatively despite Adolin's positive attitude.

Kaladin rejoins bridge four to carry their mobile bridge over the mechanical one, toward their destination where a chasmfiend was slain, and where Shallan plans to study the chrysalis. They reach the destination, and the carpenter that Kaladin recognized calls to Dalinar who crosses the bridge. Kaladin realizes the carpenter works for Sadeas and cries out a warning but is too late as the carpenter throws a lever causing the bridge that Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar and Adolin are standing on to collapse.


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