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Rock Shuravf.png
Lunamor's family
Spouse Tuaka
Children Gift, Cord, Rock, Star, Kuma'tiki, Beautiful Song
Relatives Kef'ha, Sinaku'a, Tifi
Abilities Radiant squire for Order of Windrunners, Sighted
Titles Fal'ala'liki'nor[1]
Aliases Lunamor, Rock
Profession Chef
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
Residence The Horneater Peaks
Nationality Unkalaki
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

Airsick lowlanders.


Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor, shortened to Lunamor or simply Rock, is an Unkalaki on Roshar. He was the fourth born son in his family and received combat training per Unkalaki customs; however, one of his brothers died, making him the third son and a craftsman instead of a warrior.[3][4] He calls himself Rock because he doesn't believe others can pronounce his real name, which is actually a poem about a very special rock his father discovered the day before Rock's birth.[5] The poem roughly translates to "I saw a beautiful wet stone that no one is paying attention to, but it was really cool because of the water pattern on it".[6]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Rock is a large, well-built man standing at nearly seven feet tall with thick limbs and a powerful torso. He is a few inches taller than Kaladin and nearly twice as broad.[7]

He has tan skin and deep red hair.[8] When he can shave, he leaves long, red-blond sideburns, but shaves his chin and lip.[9] He also keeps his hair cropped close, and shaved entirely from directly above his eyebrows up the center of his head.[10]

The same as all of Bridge Four, Rock has a set of glyphs tattooed on his forehead, signifying his freedom and membership to the bridge crew.[11]

Rlain, is okay to throw things at Eth.

—Rock to Rlain[12]

Rock is very outwardly emotional, often being as quick to laugh as he is to show sadness. He is very supportive, with various members of Bridge Four speaking to him for advice.[4] He is very loyal to those who have shown him trust and kindness, being one of the first to follow Kaladin after he takes his place during a bridge run.[13] His love and trust for those close to him was enough for him to go against his position and commit violent acts if he sees it as necessary, killing Amaram to save Kaladin, even knowing he would be punished for it.[3][14][15]

He expresses great pride at his abilities to cook, refusing to allow anyone to alter his stew for Bridge Four.[citation needed] He is extremely respectful to spren, to Syl's delight and Kaladin's annoyance.[16]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He can see spren, or mafah’liki in the Unkalaki tongue, in the Physical Realm even when they do not want to appear to him. Horneaters call people with this ability alaii’iku. It is implied there are other people like him. Rock has given conflicting reports on the origin of his blessing, saying that he was born with it but also that the waters of life are involved with him having this ability.[17][7] In addition, he can slightly perceive the form of spren in the Cognitive Realm, as when he perceives the larger aspect of anticipationspren in Shadesmar.[4]

His alaii’iku condition doesn't grant him a privileged position within Unkalaki culture, as Rock is still bound to his duty towards his nuatoma, and it didn't prevent him from having to do the work of a fourth son, and later that of a third son.[4] He is quite proficient in archery due to his birth status as a fourth son, though he no longer considers himself a soldier since the death of his brother.[4] He refuses to fight because being a soldier is not considered an esteemed profession in Unkalaki culture.[3]

Take everything you have, and put him in pot. Don't let anyone airsick touch seasonings.

—Rock's stew recipe[18]

Rock is an exceptional cook, having always shown an interest in cooking even before his elevation to third son, making bread with his mother as soon as he could reach the countertops.[4] He cooks stew every day for Bridge Four as part of Kaladin's efforts to bring life back to the crew.[5] He is capable of preparing Horneater drinks, making Shiki for Bridge Four.[4] He is able to eat various harder foods due to his Horneater heritage, possessing extra jaw pieces that allow him to eat shells.[19] In fact, Rock believes the best part of a chull is its head because it is so tasty.[20]

Rock is incredibly strong even considering his large and powerful frame, as he was able to use a Shardbow with proficiency without wearing Shardplate.[14] These bows are described as having draw weights so huge that only men in Shardplate could use them. His daughter mentions that in the past, spren "strengthened his arm when he drew the Bow of Hours in the Peaks," which may provide an explanation;[21] it is unclear which spren were responsible for this.

Rock can also listen to a faint beat his mother used to sing to, an ability reminiscent of singer Rhythms but of unknown relation. It is also unknown if this is a consequence of him being alaii’iku.[4]

Along with Lopen and Huio he is one of the only members of Bridge Four that can swim.[22]


Early Life[edit]

Rock was born in the Horneater Peaks as the fourth son of his family. He was trained in combat with both the spear and bow. He expressed an early affinity for cooking, joining his mother in making bread from a young age. Rock met his future wife Tuaka as a child where they built snow forts together, although Rock believes hers were always the best. Prior to Rock's departure to Alethkar and the Shattered Plains, they married and had six children.[citation needed]

At some point one of his elder brothers died, elevating him to third son and allowing him to follow his passion as a craftsmen, with specific regards to cooking.

The Shattered Plains[edit]

Challenge for Shards[edit]

He traveled to the Shattered Plains with Kef'ha, his nuatoma, in the hopes of gaining Shardplate and Shardblade for his people. Kef'ha challenged Torol Sadeas to a duel because he believed it would be easier to first gain the Shardplate, then try for a Shardblade. After Sadeas won and killed Kef'ha, Rock and his entourage became servants to Sadeas.[4]

Sadeas used Rock as a cook. Rock prepared one meal for him in which he put chull dung in the soup and the bread, used it as a garnish on the pork steak, and made a chutney out of it for the buttered garams because he was angry about Kef'ha's death. He was then sent to the bridge crews and subsequently became a member of Bridge Four.[16]

by Derek Murphy
Rock the cook

Early Bridge Four[edit]

Rock joined the bridge crews in early 1173 and spent several months there before Kaladin was appointed his new bridgeleader.[23][8] The next morning when Kaladin claimed that Bridge Four would never lose another man, Rock laughed at Kaladin and refused to practice carrying the bridge.[8] Rock bet the other bridgemen a few chips that Kaladin was carrying a lightweight board to practice and was surprised when he was proven wrong. Later that day on a bridge run, Kaladin took Rock's place at the deathpoint of the bridge during the final approach. Rock was surprised by Kaladin's decision, but accepted. After the bridge was placed, Rock took shelter behind a rock formation. When Kaladin struggled to save an injured Dabbid, Rock followed and carried the man back to shelter himself. He and Teft went out again to save a badly wounded Leyten as well. After Kaladin had treated them, Rock warned Kaladin that injured bridgemen who could not walk must be left behind and that Gaz would not allow them to save Leyten and Dabbid.[13]

Later he offered some of his food to feed the wounded and assisted Kaladin and Teft with collecting knobweed sap, utilizing his ability to see Syl to quickly find more stems to gather. Syl tricked Rock by leading him to a pile of chull dung during this exercise, which he didn't understand due to his reverence of spren.[16] They sold some of the knobweed sap they gathered, in return for bandages and a skymark per bottle. That same day Bridge Four was assigned to chasm duty, where Rock helped to build rapport with the other members of the bridge crew and successfully brought Dunny into the conversation, having discovered he could sing. With the help of Syl, Rock and Dunny discovered more bodies in the caverns, being those of the Parshendi. They discovered that their armor was part of their bodies. That evening, Rock and Kaladin bought a cauldron and food with the money they gained, and Rock cooked a stew of which every member of the bridge crew partook. After this, most of the bridgemen started training with Kaladin.[5]

Side Carry Maneuver[edit]

Rock and Teft helped influence the last members of the bridge crew to fall under Kaladin's leadership. They joined in doing exercises from Kaladin's time in the military, before practicing carrying the bridges as strength training. Kaladin suggested carrying the bridge on its side as a way to train more muscles and Rock participated in attempting the maneuver.[24] Bridge Four gained a new member with Lopen, a one-armed Herdazian. Alongside Dabbid, he carried a stretcher with several water canteens for the bridge crew to use on a run. With the three of them, the start of the non-combative section of the crew was started. Immediately after Lopen had joined, Bridge Four was sent on the next plateau assault, arriving after the Parshendi were fully set up. Kaladin ordered the crew to attempt the side carry maneuver, which resulted in no loss of life to Bridge Four, causing Rock to celebrate. However, the maneuver undermined the other bridges assaulting the plateau and caused the retreat of Sadeas' army. Rock stepped up to defend Kaladin from the lighteyes that came to arrest him, but he was ordered to step down and allow it to proceed. Rock watched as Kaladin was beaten.[25]

Syl brought Rock, Teft, and Moash to the outside of the barracks to see Kaladin once he had regained consciousness. He witnessed Kaladin telling them that he would survive, and to check on his body after the highstorm had passed.[26] Rock was the first to leave the barracks to see Kaladin, initially dismayed to find him apparently dead before expressing his delight that he had survived. Rock called for other members of the crew to assist in cutting Kaladin down and bringing him inside.[27]

While Kaladin was recovering from being strung up in a highstorm, Rock was made the bridgeleader of Bridge Four. However, the crew just called Rock squadleader and called Kaladin their captain. On the day that Kaladin first stepped outside after healing, Rock stated that Kaladin must have bones of granite to have survived the highstorm and healed in only ten days. Bridge Four went on a plateau run that same day, with no casualties. That evening to thank him for his cooking, Bridge Four bought him a razor, which made Rock actually grow teary-eyed. He was very grateful for it,[9] and he started shaving the beards of all the members of Bridge Four.[28]

Training For Escape[edit]

After Kaladin's recovery, Bridge Four was assigned to chasm duty permanently. Rock questioned Kaladin as to their next steps toward fighting, but Kaladin shot him down, stating that the fight was over. After persuasion from Teft and Syl, Kaladin informed the bridge crew that their only chance to survive was to escape. Rock was the only member of the bridge crew to refuse spear training, becoming the official cook of the bridge crew.[28]

Rock held Kaladin down after he experienced visions during a highstorm. He was finally able to give Kaladin a shave during the riddens and revealed that Sigzil was a Worldsinger.[10] Bridge Four gained another new member, a parshman named Shen. During the next chasm duty, Kaladin took Rock aside, where he explained why he would not fight alongside the other members of the crew. Rock then took Lopen, Dabbid, and Shen to collect salvage while the other members trained with the spear. Rock noted that they could not do the work of a whole bridge crew, so Kaladin asked Syl to reveal herself to them to aid in locating salvage.[3]

Rock was present when Dunny died on a plateau run, and he helped to save wounded members from other bridge crews.[29]

Rock participated in the first joint plateau assault between Dalinar and Sadeas. After the battle went quickly and successfully, Bridge Four was sent back to chasm duty, where they found an emerald broam as well as various lesser spheres worth two hundred days of bridgeman pay, on the dead body of a lighteyed officer. Rock demonstrated his proficiency with a bow to attach the pouch of lesser spheres to the underside of a bridge, to be collected on the next plateau run. He insisted that he would shoot bridges but would never use the weapon in battle.[30]

Rock continued to train the bridgemen in carrying bridge drills when Kaladin was learning about the Knights Radiant from Teft. [31]

The Battle at The Tower[edit]

Rock was present at the assault on the Tower, when every member of Bridge Four wore the carapace armor crafted by Leyten to serve as an added distraction for the Parshendi.[32] He witnessed the betrayal of Dalinar by Sadeas and agreed with Kaladin to return to save Dalinar's men after Kaladin was persuaded by Syl. He witnessed Kaladin say the Second Ideal of the Knights Radiant and explode with stormlight,[33] then subsequently save Adolin and Dalinar from the Parshendi.[34] He helped carry the bridge escorting the remnants of Dalinar's army back to the warcamps, where Dalinar offered his Shardblade Oathbringer in exchange for the lives of all of Sadeas' bridgemen.[35]

Rock cooked a nightly stew for Bridge Four after the events of the Battle of the Tower, and joined in talking to Kaladin about his abilities and what they meant for the crew going forward. The bridge crew decided to start doing experiments to test the limits of Kaladin's powers.[36]

Dalinar's Army[edit]

Bridge Four Tattoos

During the first highstorm after having been freed, Rock gave all the men a shave with the razor they had bought him. He was officially appointed a lieutenant by Kaladin, and became the quartermaster for Bridge Four with Lopen as his second. Rock joined the rest of Bridge Four in getting a forehead tattoo despite not having a slave brand to cover up, and received the same freedom + bridge four glyph that the rest of the crew had. Rock also gained an old Cobalt Guard uniform as a member of Bridge Four becoming Dalinar's new personal guard. However, they had the Bridge Four glyph requested for the shoulder patch to distinguish them from the original Cobalt Guard members.[11]

The portion of the glyph meaning "Bridge Four"

After hearing Dalinar's gemheart proclamation, Kaladin ordered Rock to begin training members of the other old bridge crews to become cooks, aiming to improve morale.[37] Rock joined Kaladin in their first trip back into the chasms after having become part of Dalinar's army. Teft had brought along forty members of other bridge crews to train into new sergeants, while Rock, Kaladin and Syl discussed the Knights Radiant and spren. Rock praised Syl and offered to build a shrine to her, before informing Kaladin that the trainees had started to open up to them.[38] Rock participated in the experimentation of Kaladin's powers, alongside Sigzil, Lopen, and Syl. Using his abilities, Rock was able to see spren that pulled the stones to the walls of the chasm. Rock revealed additional combat prowess, sparring with Kaladin to test his strength, although he remained firm that he would not use this in real battles.[20]

After an evening training former members of Bridge Seventeen, Rock chased off people attempting to draw the members of Bridge Four, due to their fame from saving Dalinar.[39] Rock gained another member to serve under him after Hobber lost the use of his legs fighting the Assassin in White, bringing the total up to four alongside Lopen and Dabbid. Lopen also recruited additional relatives to join the crew during the time in Dalinar's army.[40]

During a training session for Bridge Seventeen in the chasms, Rock speculated with Sigzil about the motivations and employers of the Assassin in White. He also discussed the attempt on Elhokar's life with Sigzil and Lopen. That night at dinner, Renarin joined Bridge Four as a recruit and aided Rock in cleaning dishes and tidying up.[41]

Rock joined a group of Bridge Four going into the warcamp for drinks. Rock spoke of his homeland--the Horneater Peaks--and how the gods aided them in living there, telling the tale of speaking to the gods of the forests, sea, and mountains. He described that the hot springs found in the peaks are special, forming a connection to the gods and a place to view the home of the gods. Rock refused to explain why he could see spren and discouraged interpretations of the story he told. Sigzil was startled when Rock mentioned a god named Lunu'anaki who cannot hurt people, as this was the same person who Sigzil trained with to become a worldsinger.[7]

The Battle of Narak[edit]

After Kaladin fought alongside Adolin in the duel for Shards and his subsequent imprisonment, Rock began cooking a stew for the entire duration of the prison sentence for Kaladin to eat after he was released. Rock attended the party where Kaladin was awarded the remaining set of Shardplate and Blade from Adolin's duel, and then for the following awarding of those Shards to Moash.[42] Rock was present when the bridge that caused Kaladin and Shallan to fall into the chasms collapsed due to sabotage.[43] Dalinar stripped Amaram of his titles in front of Kaladin, Rock, and Bridge Four before they embarked on the expedition to fulfil the Vengeance Pact.[44] Rock joined the expedition to carry Bridge Four and defended Shen, now known as Rlain, to Dalinar, stating that he was still a member of Bridge Four.[45] Rock escorted Shallan along with the other bridgemen in finding the Oathgate on the Shattered Plains.[46] [47] [48] Rock greeted Kaladin after he returned from defeating the Assassin in White over the Shattered Plains, before Kaladin used Syl as a Shardblade to take them to Urithiru.[49]


Becoming a Windrunner Squire[edit]

We take to the skies, Stormblessed.


After the Battle of Narak, the members of Bridge Four gained the ability to Invest Stormlight, with Teft noticing several bridgemen glowing and Lopen fully regrew his missing arm.[49] Following Kaladin's departure to Hearthstone, however, this ability was lost.

While out in the market in Urithiru, Rock was stabbed through the hand by a black figure;[50] this interaction mimicked how Shallan, disguised as Veil, had stabbed another Horneater named Ur in the same manner earlier.[51]

Upon his return, Kaladin took Bridge Four to the Shattered Plains to practice using their Radiant abilities, using the emerald gemstone reserve.[52] Rock set up his cauldron and began cooking stew for the bridgemen training in combat, and mused on how he found the Shattered Plains to be beautiful. Rock recited the First Ideal quietly while cooking, as the rest of the bridgemen recited it while training. He was skeptical that Hobber could draw in Stormlight, but Kaladin insisted that all of Bridge Four could do so. Rock worried that they were going to war and that several of them would die. He invited Renarin to come over to help cook and mentioned to him that he could never see Renarin's spren, Glys. Rock comforted Renarin as he questioned his belonging to Bridge Four and recommended that he talk to Rlain, as they would share the experience of feeling like the odd one out. Skar taught Rock how to draw in Stormlight, being pleased that he was a good teacher. Rock noticed a large group of honorspren watching Bridge Four practice and talked to Sylphrena about how they would not interact with her since she had sought out Kaladin, and they did not like to admit they were wrong. Rock offers infused gemstones to the spren, who drew it in before departing. Hobber, Rock's assistant, was able to restore his Shardblade-cut legs and walk.[4]

Reunion With Family[edit]

Shortly after, they investigated a pillar of smoke in the distance. The pillar turned out to be flames from a Voidbringer attack on a caravan whose uninjured members were revealed to be Rock's family: his wife, referred to as "Song"; his son Gift; daughter Cord; son Rock (whom he noted was named for a different kind of rock and told Bridge four to call Little Rock); a third son, Star; a daughter named Kuma'tiki (a kind of shell on the Horneater Peaks); and his last daughter, Beautiful Song. Song told Rock that something was terribly wrong back at their home in the Horneater Peaks. Rock carried bridge four one last time on the way back to the Oathgate, as they were no longer slaves and would fly with Stormlight from then on.[4]

Further Training and Honorblade[edit]

Rock and Kaladin discovered Teft together in a firemoss den, having sold his uniform coat to pay for more of the drug. They carried him back to the barracks, fed him stew and promised to get him help.[53] Rock witnessed Skar struggling to draw in Stormlight until Skar told Lyn the story of when he first saw Kaladin using it on a bridge run and to further focus on her intentions for wanting to become a Windrunner. Rock then informed Skar that he too was glowing after Lyn successfully drew in Stormlight.[54] Rock manned the drinks station during another training session, while the members of Bridge Four questioned the changing world around them and how things have become more acceptable and different.[12] Dalinar brought Jezrien's Honorblade to Bridge Four, where they decided to transfer it between members of the squad to maintain unpredictability and secrecy, as well as being able to operate the Oathgates while Kaladin was away in Kholinar.[2] Rock was among the members of Bridge Four who were attacked by agents of the Diagram to obtain the Honorblade, alongside Bisig and Eth, who were badly injured and killed respectively.[55]

The Battle of Thaylen Field[edit]

During the time that the enemy forces were assembling an army outside Thaylen City, listener troops also staged a strike at Urithiru.[56] Members of Bridge Four died during the assault.[57] Teft spoke the Third Ideal and began a counterstrike against the invading forces at Urithiru.[58] Bridge Four successfully recaptured Urithiru before leading troops through the Oathgate to Thaylen City, saving Renarin before spreading out to reinforce the Alethi forces in the city. Rock defeated and killed Amaram at the Battle of Thaylen Field after he had been bonded with Yelig-Nar, striking him down with two arrows from a Shardbow, one through the head and one through his gemheart. This caused Rock to have a crisis, as saving Kaladin broke his vow of non-violence.[14] He was consoled by both Kaladin and Teft after the battle had ended.[59]

A Year Later[edit]


Rock accompanied the rest of Bridge Four on the expedition to evacuate the residents of Kaladin's home village Hearthstone using Navani's newest creation, the floating platform known as the Fourth Bridge. He assisted in the battle against the Heavenly Ones by supplying Kaladin with spears and warning other members of the expedition about Lezian, a new form of Fused that had not been encountered before.[60] Rock and his daughter Cord defended Dalinar while he held Honor's Perpendicularity open to renew the Knights Radiant on the expedition with fresh Stormlight.[61]


I made that choice because you are worth that sacrifice. But it is no sacrifice unless I now go, as is right, to seek justice from my people. I would leave with your blessing. But I will leave either way.

—Rock to Kaladin before leaving[15]

After letting his family have some time to rest, Rock departed back for the Horneater Peaks with part of his family, taking his wife and younger children with him. He told Kaladin that he had broken the ways of his people, and must face justice for his actions. He asked for Kaladin's blessing, and Kaladin gave it. Skar and Drehy went with Rock and his family as an honor guard, as well as to fly and protect them on their journey. When Kaladin asked if he'd see Rock again, Rock told him that when they next saw each other, it would not be in this life.[15]

Rock later appeared in a nightmare shown to Kaladin by Odium, where members of Bridge Four were shown fighting and dying in order to worsen Kaladin's emotional state.[62]

Once Skar and Drehy returned from their mission escorting Rock to the Horneater Peaks, they informed Kaladin that Rock would not be returning.[63]



Birth Family[edit]

Rock has an extensive family in the Horneater Peaks, being the fourth-born son of his family. He was close with his mother, baking together as soon as Rock was able to reach the counter. At some point during his life, one of his elder brothers died, moving his position to that of third-born son.

Rock's relationship to other members of his family was not made explicitly clear, although it has been stated that he is related to Kef'ha, Tifi and Sinaku'a.

Wife and Children[edit]

He married his childhood friend Tuaka and together they raised six children. Gift and Cord are the eldest and are twin brother and sister respectively. They both share Rock's Sighted ability.[64] Rock has no issues with Gift following the Vorin religion, giving his blessing to the Veden monks who visited the Peaks when Gift was a child.[12] Rock is surprised at how much Gift has grown since he last saw him, stating that he is now almost as tall as Rock himself.[4] Rock shares a love of cooking with Cord,[22] although they differ in opinion about the use of violence in the fight against Odium.[65] Gift and Cord both remained behind in Urithiru when Rock returned to the Peaks.[15]

Rock (junior) and Star are Rock's second and third sons respectively. They both help serve food and drinks alongside their father.[4][12] Rock junior is named after a different kind of Rock than his father. Kuma'tiki and Beautiful Song are Rock's second and third daughters respectively. Beautiful Song was so young when Rock left the Peaks that she does not remember him, breaking his heart.[4] All four of his youngest children returned with him to the Peaks.[15]


  • It is unclear whether the brother that Rock lost was the member of his family that died facing Sadeas in a duel for Shards, as nuatoma is also not defined as to whether it is the oldest family member, an inherited position, or a position that is fought for and won. When Kaladin asks about the brother that died, Lunamor responds that it is a sad story and is not suitable for telling at the current time. Rock also comments that other members of his family died during the time with Sadeas, and it is also unclear as to their relation to Rock.[4]
  • Rock's stew appears during the torment of Kaladin on Braize while Wit spares him torment for a brief moment.[66]


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