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Profession Barmaid, Scribe
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Ka is a a scribe for a squad of Windrunners on Roshar.[1] She first encountered Bridge Four during the Era of Solitude while working as a barmaid at the Ornery Chull, a tavern in the Kholin warcamp on the Shattered Plains.[2] She is engaged to Peet.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ka is a pretty darkeyed woman.[2]

Ka is good-natured, willing to tease and banter with the men of Bridge Four.[2] She seems to particularly enjoy poking fun at Lunamor, rolling her eyes at his attempts to flatter her. She gives them special attention at the tavern as well, serving them drinks at their table when others have to go to the bar to order.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

She is educated, as she is able to read and write in women's script. She is also able to operate a spanreed.[4]


Ka lived on the Shattered Plains during the War of Reckoning. She began working at a tavern in the Kholin warcamp called the Ornery Chull.[2]

Sometime after the Battle of the Tower, Ka began a relationship with Peet, a member of Bridge Four. The evening that Kaladin and Moash met with Graves and the other conspirators at the Ornery Chull, Ka brought them to a private table and served drinks to the two of them, as well as to Peet, Lopen, and Lunamor.[2]

When Kaladin met Ka, he considered recruiting her as a scribe and clerk for Bridge Four.[2] She was presumably receptive to this idea; a short time later, Kaladin planned to have Ka read the recently published transcriptions of Dalinar's visions to him.[4]

Ka and Peet had become engaged by the time Kaladin returned from his first trip back to Hearthstone. Sigzil reminded Kaladin to ask about family housing after bringing up their betrothal, as Bridge Four had not yet been assigned any family accommodations in Urithiru.[3] After the Battle of Thaylen Field and Adolin and Shallan's wedding, Shallan opened her wedding present from Kaladin and Bridge Four and discovered it to be a pair of boots; she thought Ka looked embarrassed by the gift.[5]

Ka presumably remained a scribe for Peet's Windrunner squad in Urithiru. She accompanied the group who took the Fourth Bridge to Hearthstone and used a spanreed for Navani during the trip, acting as an intermediary between the Fourth Bridge and the group in Urithiru running the gemstone lattice that moved the flying ship.[1]



Peet seemed to be smitten with Ka when he met her at the Ornery Chull. Peet often came to the tavern to see Ka, sometimes bringing his companions from Bridge Four. Peet's infatuation was rather obvious; he was excited to talk to Ka, and sometimes helped her clear tables while she was at work. Ka became friendly with Bridge Four, particularly with Lunamor, whom she teased about his fondness for strong Horneater lagers.[2] Ka and Peet's relationship progressed quickly and they were engaged a short time later.[3]


Ka has a sister who also lives in Urithiru during the True Desolation.[6]



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