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Plot Summary
Three years ago

Shallan, Balat and Wikim are relaxing in the gardens when they hear a carriage arriving at their house. Balat goes to see who it is, and Wikim tells Shallan that what she's been doing has been helping their family. He gives her a bag of dried blackbane that he's been carrying for over a year, indicating that he no longer wants to kill himself, then jogs off to the house. Though unsettled by the blackbane, she returns to her drawing.

A short time later she is interrupted by shouting. When she reaches the house, she finds three men standing before her father and Jushu kneeling on the floor with his hands tied behind his back. Lin says he won't pay Jushu's gambling debts, despite his son's pleas, and tells the men that they can have him. Shallan begs Ballat to do something as Jushu is dragged away, but he doesn't know what he can do.

Shallan follows her father into his study. The house's ledgers are open and she can see that they are in staggering debt. Her father tells her that he doesn't have the spheres to pay the men, and commands her confined to her rooms.

Crying, she runs back into the feast hall, asks Balat and Wikim for the daggers their father had given them, then chases after Jushu and the men. She manages to convince the men to take the daggers and her necklace in payment of Jushu's debt, though they are only worth about of it. She tells Jushu, who's been beaten and can't hear well, that Balat and Wikim saved him.

She returns to her rooms and waits, hearing the inevitable shouts. Eventually her father opens the door to her room. She can see the crumpled form of Minara, their serving maid, in the hall. Her arm is broken and she leaves a streak of blood on the wall as she tries to crawl away. Her father tells Shallan that he's found a way to control himself, he just needs to let his anger out, and that his anger is created when people disobey him. He tells her that he would never hurt her, and so he wouldn't want to have to punish others because she defied him again.


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