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Eylita Tavinar

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Eylita Tavinar
Spouse Balat[2]
Parents Lord and Lady Tavinar[1]
Born c. 1151
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Eylita Tavinar is a lighteyed Veden woman on Roshar. She is married to Balat Davar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She was incredibly nice but not very clever.

Shallan's opinion of Eylita[3]

She has long, pure black hair.[1] She is a few years older than Shallan.[4][1]

She is very nice, but lacks intelligence and often has a vacuous look on her face.[3][1] Wikim thinks of her as "proper".[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Eylita's family is of the eighth dahn and serve as vassals of the far more powerful House Davar.[5] She is educated, as she is able to use a spanreed and write in women's script.[3] She is not particularly skilled at writing or drawing.[3][5]

She is trustworthy and knows many of the Davar family's secrets.[3]


Meeting Balat[edit]

Eylita first met Balat as a teenager in 1169, when she attended a feast at the Davar estate with her parents. She and Balat almost immediately began furtively glancing and smiling at each other, surprising Shallan, as she had never previously seen Balat pay attention to a girl.[4] The Tavinars abruptly departed when Redin interrupted the feast to speak to Lin.[4]

In 1170, she attended the Middlefest Fair with her parents. Shallan knew that Balat fancied Eylita, and acted as an intermediary between the pair in order to set up a meeting. Balat was surprised by Shallan's actions, but ultimately began a relationship with Eylita.[1] Balat received multiple letters from Eylita over the next few months, including on the day that Wikim gave Shallan some blackbane powder.[6] Balat often had his stepmother Malise Gevelmar read him the letters to keep them private from a teenaged Shallan.[6]

Confrontation with Lin[edit]

By 1172, the Davar household was descending into chaos; Lin had decided that Eylita was below Balat's station and insisted that he break off contact with her and marry the much older Sudi Valam.[5] Balat argued, but Lin cruelly had his axehound pups killed as a threat. Balat told Shallan that he loved Eylita and was considering eloping to Vedenar with her.[5]

Shallan and Malise then learned that Lin planned to assassinate Helaran and realized that he was beyond help. Shallan suggested that Balat leave with Eylita and Malise as soon as possible.[7] Balat and Eylita planned to escape a few months later, but just before they were to depart, Lin beat Malise and forced her to reveal their plans. He summoned Eylita to the Davar estate before killing Malise and trapping the couple there.[8] A duel between Lin and Balat ensued, but Balat did not offer much resistance. When Shallan realized Lin's intentions, she poisoned him with the blackbane during a brief break in the action. Lin wounded Balat with a fire poker and likely would have murdered both him and Eylita had the poison not taken hold, incapacitating him.[8] Eylita helped tend to Balat's wounds.[8]

After Lin's Death[edit]

Free of Lin's interference, Eylita and Balat became betrothed.[3] Eylita acted as a scribe for Balat, Wikim, and Jushu after Shallan left with the Davar Soulcaster. She received Shallan's messages from Kharbranth via spanreed, using code phrases as necessary.[3][9]

She accompanied Balat and his brothers to Urithiru and was present at Shallan's wedding to Adolin Kholin.[10]


Balat Davar[edit]

I'm not going to give up on Eylita, Shallan. She’s the only beautiful thing that has happened in my life.


Eylita and Balat seem smitten with each other from the time of their first meeting. Balat is willing to risk his relationship with his father and his social standing to marry her, and Eylita also seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to be with Balat.[5][8] She does not abandon him despite witnessing multiple disturbing events at his home. Balat notes that one thing he has to hide from Eylita is his need to harm animals.[11]


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