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—From the Diagram, North Wall Coda, Windowsill region: paragraph 2 (This appears to be a sequence of dates, but their relevance is as yet unknown)

Shallan explores the main tower of Urithiru, though she is tired. As she wanders, she finds a folded piece of paper marked with the Ghostblood symbol and her real name, which alarms her. She enters a nearby room where Mraize awaits her, and readies to draw Pattern just in case, acknowledging to herself that Pattern is not a typical blade. Mraize says that she gave herself away by using her abilities while saving the army, and suggests that Veil is her true identity, not Shallan. Mraize speculates on how people will see Shallan, and says that the Ghostbloods take care of their own including her. She says they killed Jasnah, but he replies that she has assassinated some of their members also, and that he should have guessed her identity sooner due to her family's history. Shallan says she won't help Mraize but he replies that he has her brothers. He also says that he is owed for the broken soulcaster and that she happens to be one. Shallan threatens to kill Mraize but he says that her brothers will be safe, and then he says that there are answers that she needs to learn about the Ghostbloods' purpose and what her brother and father were up to. He says that she can be both a Radiant and a Ghostblood in her different identities and that she can take time to consider if she wants to join the Ghostbloods.

She finds Adolin and they hug and banter for a bit. Adolin leaves after saying that Pattern chose her quarters for her. She looks at the wall which resembles the room at her father's home and Pattern says it is time for her to be a Radiant. She sees an illusion of a room with a white carpet and two corpses on the floor, and a painting outlined with a glow with something hidden behind it. Behind the painting, a strongbox is hidden and she opens it and takes out a shardblade that was originally Pattern. Shallan looks at the corpses of her mother and her mother's friend and talks about how her mother tried to kill Shallan when she learned what Shallan could do. Shallan speaks of how her father took the blame for Shallan killing her own mother in self-defense and how it destroyed their family and that Pattern says that Shallan will get revenge and kill Pattern. Shallan says she doesn't want revenge, she wants her family.

Amaram writes a note to Restares reporting that Voidbringers were spotted and that a new storm was unleashed, and that the world had to be put in crisis for the Heralds and Church to return to dominance. He gives the note to Pama to be sent to Restares. As he walks through Dalinar's temple complex he reflects that the Sons of Honor achieved their goal and that Gavilar would be proud. Amaram stealthily cuts his way into the room where Taln is being held, thinking of regrets for his loss of friendship with Dalinar over Kaladin's accusations of murder. As Amaram leads Taln from the room, Taln catches a poison dart in midair that would have hit Amaram, and he sees a masked person shoot another dart at him that is also caught before the would-be assassin runs away. Amaram then leads Taln to his coach.

Szeth wakes up wondering why he did not die from the shardblade wound. Nale is standing there and Szeth recognizes him. Nale explains how he was brought back to life, and says he is one of Szeth's gods, though Szeth replies that his gods are the stones, sun and stars, not men. Szeth recognizes him as Nalan, Herald of Justice. Szeth asks why he was saved since he can't take his torment anymore and Nale replies those words are foolish and unbecoming of his apprentice to be. Szeth says he wants to die, but then changes his mind and says that he was right and his people wrong. Nale says he will teach him to ignore feelings and bring justice to his former leaders. Szeth says he is not worthy but Nale disagrees saying that he stuck to his personal code at great cost and is worthy to be a Skybreaker. Nale says that Szeth is reborn and is to begin training immediately and that he brought a shardblade for Szeth and throws it to the ground. Szeth picks up the odd sheathed black shardblade with a trail of smoke, and hears a voice say Hello, would you like to destroy some evil today?


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