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In short, if any presume Kazilah to be innocent, you must look at the facts and deny them in their entirety; to say that the Radiants were destitute of integrity for executing one of their own, one who had obviously fraternized with the unwholesome elements, indicates the most slothful of reasoning; for the enemy's baleful influence demanded vigilance on all occasions, of war and of peace.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 32, page 17

Plot Summary
Ishevan 1173

Adolin joins a planning meeting with Dalinar, Navani, Khal, Teshav and Kaladin to discuss tactics for the upcoming summit with the Parshendi. Adolin decides to attend the summit in Dalinar's place to keep his father out of harm's way.

Adolin rides Dalinar's Ryshadium, Gallant, to keep up pretenses, as he travels to the meeting with the Parshendi. After Adolin arrives at the designated plateau, the Parshendi arrive as well. Adolin and his scribe Brightness Inadara meet alone with Eshonai. Adolin says they are there to discuss terms of a Parshendi surrender, but Eshonai laughs and says things changed since she spoke with Adolin previously. Adolin senses a different demeanor to Eshonai, who says there will peace only when one of the sides is wiped out, and that she only appeared to see Dalinar in person. Adolin asks why they killed Gavilar and she replies because he revealed his plans to return the Parshendi gods, then she leaves. Adolin returns to the warcamps with his entourage.

Adolin broods that he should have allowed Dalinar to go instead, but Dalinar replies that Adolin did ok and that now they can battle the Parshendi with a clear conscience. Dalinar reveals a battleplan to take as many soldiers and highprinces to the center of the Shattered Plains during the Weeping to bring an end to the war. Dalinar implores Adolin to fight more duels and says he will try to convince neutral highprinces to join the expedition.


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