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Renarin Kholin
Renarin by Elisgardor.jpg
House Kholin
Parents Dalinar, Evi, Navani Kholin (Step-mother)
Siblings Adolin, Shallan (Sister-in-law)
Relatives Gavilar, Jasnah, Elhokar, Toh, Gavinor, Kaves, House Davar
Ancestors Dalinar's father, Sadees
Born 1154[1]
Abilities Truthwatcher, Voidbinder[2], Shardbearer
Bonded With Glys
Titles Prince of House Kholin, Son of Thorns[3]
Groups Knights Radiant (Truthwatchers)
Bridge Four, Kholin army
Residence Kholinar (formerly), The Alethi warcamps (formerly), Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Way of Kings

I am not the first hero’s son to be born without any talent for warfare. The others all got along. So shall I.

—Renarin Kholin[4]

Renarin Kholin is a lighteyed prince of the Alethi House Kholin on Roshar. He is ostensibly a Truthwatcher, and is bonded to the corrupted mistspren, Glys.[5] He is the first corrupted/enlightened Truthwatcher.[6] He is the second son of Dalinar and Evi, and the younger brother of Adolin. This makes him the nephew to Gavilar and Navani and cousin to Elhokar and Jasnah. Since Dalinar's abdication, he is first in line to succeed Adolin as highprince of the Kholin princedom.[7][8]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Renarin has sapphire eyes[9] and his slender limbs and fingers give him the appearance of someone who has never done manual labor or fought in battle.[10] He has mostly black hair with some blond hair mixed in.[11] He is also distinct in that he wears spectacles, though he eventually stops wearing them after Stormlight heals his eyesight.[5] Like all officers in the Kholin army, Renarin wears his uniform while out in public, though because of his physical weakness, it has never seen battle.[12] After he joins Bridge Four he usually wears a Bridge Four uniform instead.[13]


Renarin is soft-spoken and thoughtful, and tends to pause and consider responses before speaking up.[14] This can occasionally make him seem calculating or unnerving to those with whom he speaks, though those close to him know him to be otherwise.

He has a tendency to fidgit when nervous, stressed, or anxious as a way to calm himself down. This fidgiting primarily manifests as repeated motor actions with small objects he carries around with him. Most notably, a small box,[15] and a chain inherited from his mother.[16]

He does not like when people touch him quickly or unexpectedly.[14] Renarin rarely smiles, only doing so when he is relaxed and among friends.[14] He is non-confrontational, and attempts to avoid Wit's mockery through silence. He often attempts to keep Adolin from starting fights.[1][17] He also tends to avoid eye contact when talking to people.[11]

Renarin is on the autism spectrum,[18] which is reflected in the aforementioned behaviors, and also suffers from anxiety.[19]

Despite his subdued personality, Renarin has courage and wants to be useful, even in situations where he does not have experience or extensive training.[17] Renarin values the lives of his family over his own, and is willing to put himself in great danger if it might help the people he loves.[13]

Renarin has an inquisitive streak, especially in regards to fabrials.[20] He often inspects fabrials around him and asks questions about their functions. Despite this, he is not interested in joining the ardentia to become an engineer.[21] He enjoys being knowledgeable upon specific subjects, and will speak about them if asked. He is well versed in the different wines of Roshar.[22] His desire to learn and further look into his passions even lead him to learn how to read and write, despite what society says about men and literacy. This shows that, while he is hurt by societal ostraication for being different, he is willing to oust off traditional gender roles for the sake of his passions.[23]

He tends to be deeply effected by the mockery of others, but due to his non-confrontational nature he finds it difficult to stand up for himself. This can be seen in the mockery he faces for not being traditionally masculine (according to Vorin ideals), due to his "feminine" passions, such as Fabrials and literacy.[16][23] He hates his nature as an Enlightened Truthwatcher, and wishes that he could be like the other ordinary Radiants. He keeps his true abilities secret from others because he believes that, due to the cultural bias against seeing the future, he would be cast out and distrusted if people knew what he is able to do.[14] This shows that he cares deeply about the way that others think of him, and feels that he can't truly be himself without facing ostracization by society. This manifests as a general discomfort and anxiety in society that follows him around, and it is what led him to develop such a close relationship with Bridge Four and feel as safe as he does with them, as it is one of the only places he feels he can be himself.[14] But even then, it took a long time for him to finally feel that he belonged, as he initially felt as if he didn't belong due to being too different from the rest of the crew.[24]

Renarin could be gay,[25][26][27]. He seems to get offended at and embarrassed over the prospect of him having sex with a woman, being quick to dismiss Wit's claims that he has as lies.[1]

Renarin using Illumination

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

I don't think I’m a Radiant, Jasnah. I don’t know what I am.


Renarin has a "blood weakness" (epilepsy), which prevents him participating in activities of great physical stress, including combat. The weakness affects him in episodes, during which he grows pale and his limbs go weak, to the point of trembling or possible collapse.[20] Kaladin believes that these are symptoms of myoclonic seizures.[29] After becoming Radiant his abilities cure his epilepsy and he no longer has ordinary seizures. However, his bond causes him to have a different type of fit, the visions of the future, instead.[14]


After giving his Shardblade to Torol Sadeas in exchange for the bridgemen, Dalinar gives his Shardplate to Renarin,[7] and Adolin later gives him the Shardblade he wins in his duel with Salinor Eved.[30] Zahel trains him how to use his Shards properly. Renarin also trains as a member of Bridge Four under Kaladin's leadership, though it is unclear if he is trained with or carries a spear. Renarin uses the Shardblade Adolin gave him only under great duress or when asked directly, because, as a manifestation of his Nahel bond, he hears the screams of the Blade's dead spren whenever he holds it. After the Battle of Narak, he returns the Shardblade Adolin gave him, as he learns to manifest Glys as a Shardblade and can use him instead.[31]

Renarin with Glys


Renarin couldn't do that. He could only summon lights, and they did strange, unnatural things sometimes.…

—Navani on Renarin's Illumination[32]

Renarin is a Surgebinder and member of the Knights Radiant. He claims to be a Truthwatcher, bonded to a corrupted mistspren named Glys,[5] but is not a true member of that order due to the corruption of his spren.[33] Renarin bonded Glys at some point before Adolin's final, disadvantaged, duel.[34] Due to the corrupted nature of Glys, Renarin's oaths are different than the standard Truthwatcher oaths.[35]

As a Truthwatcher he would have access to the Surges of Progression and Illumination, however, his use of the latter surge is markedly different. Where standard Truthwatchers can use Illumination to create illusions in much the same way as a Lightweaver, Renarin can only summon lights. These lights sometimes act in strange and unnatural ways.[32] However, Glys's corruption has not barred Renarin from using Progression to heal himself and others like other Truthwatchers can.[36][37] Renarin is not able to heal other people's wounds if too much time has passed and the person has fully internalized and accepted their injury.[38][39][40]

Other Abilities[edit]

Renarin's bond with Glys has granted him several abilities that are different from the abilities an ordinary Truthwatcher would possess. It is not clear if these abilities are a modified version of Surgebinding, simply standard Voidbinding, or some combination of the two.[2][41]

He is able to use a surge of Stormlight to banish the life and animating force out from a Thunderclast.[42] He is able to show a person an alternate version of themselves, similar to the effect of Allomantic gold or malatium. This manifests as an illusory image of the target's alternate self standing within a cloud of bright white light.[43]

Renarin seeing the future

Future Sight[edit]

What's wrong with me? Why do I see these things? I thought I was doing something right, with Glys but somehow, it’s all wrong.

—Renarin to Jasnah[44]

The most notable of these special powers is his ability to see visions of the future. This ability is what causes him to write glyph messages and numbers counting down to the arrival of the Everstorm.[45][46] Because he is seeing the future, an action explicitly forbidden by the Vorin church for ties with the Voidbringers, Renarin initially believes himself to be cursed by the Almighty.[45]

The visions are the result of Glys's corruption by Sja-anat prior to the formation of their Radiant bond. This changed Glys's appearance from the typical light-spot shape to that of a red snowflake,[47] and has possibly enabled Odium to influence their bond in small ways.[14]

Renarin's visions manifest as fits that come upon him against his will. While the fits strike Renarin involuntarily, Glys is able to capture and record a vision as it comes upon him, allowing him to re-summon it whenever he wants. Maintaining the reconstructed vision requires Stormlight and effort from Glys. This limits the amount of time the vision can be summoned for, since Glys will become fatigued.[14]

What I see interferes with Odium’s ability. Because I can see possibilities of the future, my knowledge changes what I will do. Therefore, his ability to see my future is obscured. Anyone close to me is difficult for him to read."

—Renarin to Dalinar[14]

The visions begin with dark glass covering the ground beneath his feet. A phantom light shines from behind the glass and if Renarin steps upon the glass it causes a red light to pulse through. After spreading across the ground the glass cracks into the shape of what is being depicted, and afterwards changes colors to match. This final state is comparable to a stained-glass window.[14] Sometimes the images are underlined with numbers and words.[42] Other people are not able to see this glass.[14]

These visions can show both past and future events, even of situations where Renarin would not be present at the time the event depicted happens.[48] However, the images of the future are merely showing possible future outcomes,[14] and therefore they are not always accurate, and what actually happens can diverge from what Renarin sees.[44] According to Glys the visions are not coming specifically from Odium, but since their powers come from him it is possible that his desires influence what the visions will show.[14]

Renarin's future sight causes him to be a black spot in Odium's future sight.[8][49] This is due to the fact that Renarin's ability to see the future causes a conflict in Fortune similar to the way Allomantic electrum and atium interact with each other.[50][51] This effect also spreads to other people who can be affected by Renarin's future sight informed actions, such as Dalinar and Szeth.[49][11] This effect manifests in Renarin's visions as a blackness along the edges of the window.[14]


Young Renarin trying to help his drunken father

Early Life (1154-1167)[edit]

Renarin grew up with his family in Kholinar as the second son of the highprince. He was born while his father, Dalinar, was away on a military campaign against the Vedens. Evi asked Dalinar via spanreed request for a name, but received no reply, and so she named her son herself. Renarin was a combination of the Riran name Re, and the Alethi words Nar ("like unto," final syllable in "Dalinar") and In ("to be born unto"), which she intended to mean "Re, born unto Dalinar."[52] When Dalinar learned of this, he disliked the name, interpreting it as Like one who was born unto himself.[52] Curiously, Evi's translation proved similar to Sja-anat's later title for him, "Son of Thorns."[3]

Renarin is slightly on the autistic spectrum[18], and developed a "blood weakness", epilepsy, as a child.[29] His epilepsy made him unfit for combat, unlike his brother who had been undergoing sword training from the age of six.[53] His mother told him the myth of Parasaphi and Nadris when he was young.[54]

After Evi's death Renarin would often burn incense in his rooms. This smell reminded Dalinar of Evi and would often drive him further into his addiction.[55] When Dalinar was in the depths of his alcoholism Renarin used the spheres Gavilar gave him to buy bottles of wine for his father.[56] Renarin was bullied as a child, which often angered Adolin.[57]

War of Reckoning (1167-1174)[edit]

After the Assassination of Gavilar Renarin went to the Shattered Plains with Dalinar and Adolin to fulfill the Vengeance Pact.[58]

Those who 'deserve’ my mockery are those who can benefit from it, Brightlord Dalinar. That one is less fragile than you think him.

Wit about Renarin[1]

He rode with Adolin to Elhokar's chasmfiend hunt and tried to calm Adolin down when he was upset by Sadeas's treatment of their father. As they waited on the plateau for the chasmfiend to arrive Wit joined them and tried to tease Renarin but Dalinar told him to go find someone deserving his mockery instead. Wit told Dalinar that Renarin was someone who deserved it as he could benefit from it.[1] When the chasmfiend emerged from the chasm and Dalinar, Adolin, and Elhokar were fighting the beast Renarin rode his horse onto the plateau to help them but Dalinar became angry with him and shouted at him to go back to safety.[59] At a feast later that night Renarin held back Adolin from attacking Sadeas, who had been insulting their father, and seeing what he was doing Sadeas insulted him, calling him incompetent and ridiculing what he had done during the fight earlier in the day.[17]

The firebrand I can understand, [...] but the other one? You saw how he ran out onto the field today. He even forgot to draw his sword or bow! He's useless!

—Sadeas insulting Renarin[17]

Dalinar asked Sadeas if he meant what he had said. He told Sadeas that if he had truly called his son useless, he would be forced to summon his Shardblade and kill him for the insult. He said that this would break the Vengeance Pact and that he hoped he had misheard what Sadeas had been saying. Sadeas hesitated and said that indeed Dalinar had misheard what he had said. Later on that night, when Wit was insulting Sadeas, Renarin surprised Wit with a clever response to one of his taunts. Wit said that if Sadeas gave in to his temptation and killed him, Renarin could be the King's Wit in his place.[17] Later, Dalinar told Renarin that he should not have put himself in harm's way before the chasmfiend. Renarin tried to tell him that he was not a soldier and could not fight due to his epilepsy, but Dalinar misinterpreted what he was saying. He reassured Renarin, telling him that he could be a warrior even with his sickness. He promised him that the next time he won a suit of Shardplate and a Shardblade he would give them to Renarin. He told Renarin that the strength of the Plate would be enough to overcome his weakness.[4]

You see the past, Father, that is not forbidden. And if the Almighty sends them, then how could men question?


Renarin was with Dalinar during many of his visions that he experienced during the highstorms. After Navani used the visions to translate the Dawnchant she wanted to share the visions with the other scholars, but Dalinar was hesitant, saying that the visions were too close to seeing the future, which was forbidden. Renarin told Dalinar this was not a problem since he was seeing visions of the past and not the future.[54]

During the Battle of the Tower Sadeas betrayed Dalinar, leaving him and his men stranded on the Tower while he and his army returned to camp unscathed. Renarin, seeking news of his father's fate, followed Navani to Sadeas's warcamp where she was interrogating the highprince. After Navani burned her Thath glyph Renarin thanked her for the prayer. When Dalinar and Adolin returned safely Renarin embraced them, the first time Dalinar had seen true joy within him in a while. After Dalinar gave his Shardblade, Oathbringer, to Sadeas in exchange for Kaladin and the bridgemen, Dalinar gave his Plate to Renarin, fulfilling half of his promise.[7]

He'll surprise you, I gave him the whole ‘I’m your master and you do what I say’ talk, and he actually listened. [...] I thought a nineteen-year-old like him would be insufferable.

—Zahel to Kaladin[60]

Shortly after receiving his Shardplate Renarin began writing numbers on the wall during highstorms counting down to the coming of the Everstorm. This was due to the visions of the future that Glys, whom he had bonded a while earlier, was granting him.[61][5]

After Adolin defeated Salinor Eved in a duel he gave his newly acquired Shardblade to Renarin.[30] The next day Zahel began training Renarin how to use his Shards. Zahel was impressed by Renarin's obedience and had him repeatedly jump off of the roof of the dueling grounds in his Shardplate to make him confident in the armor's protection.[62][60]

During his joint plateau assault with Jakamav Dalinar had Renarin brought to the battle surrounded by an honor guard with orders not to allow him to fight in order that he would see what battle was like. During the battle Renarin wanted to help defend one of the bridges, but when he summoned his blade, he heard the voice of its spren screeching in his mind and froze up. After the battle Renarin told Adolin that he needed to be ready for what was coming. Adolin assumed he was referring to the numbers that had been appearing in the walls during highstorms counting down to a new storm that was coming. However, Renarin, who had been the one writing those numbers, was thinking of the visions his bond with Glys had given him that predicted the coming of the Everstorm. Around this time Renarin stopped wearing his spectacles since his eyes had been healed by his Stormlight.[53][5]

Renarin speaking to Adolin before the duel

When the Assassin in White attacked them during a highstorm Dalinar ordered Renarin to take Elhokar to safety while he, Adolin, and Kaladin fought with the assassin.[63] The next day Renarin went to Bridge Four's barracks and begged Kaladin to let him join him and his men. After an argument, Kaladin gave in and instructed him to wash the bowls and help Rock clean up from the night's stew. At first he made the other members of Bridge Four uncomfortable, but eventually they became good friends with him.[29] Several days later Renarin continued his training with Zahel who had him eat a meal in his Shardplate to teach him how to use it for delicate things, and then began training him how to fight with his Shards.[64]

When Adolin went to meet with Eshonai in Dalinar's place he borrowed Renarin's Shardplate, which used to belong to Dalinar, to disguise the fact that he was not actually Dalinar.[65]

During Adolin's duel with the four Shardbearers Renarin, without his Plate, joined the fray to try and help his brother. As Abrobadar engaged with him, batting away Renarin's Shardblade with ease,[13] Renarin heard his Shardblade screeching and froze where he stood.[5] Soon after, Kaladin joined the fray to help defend the two brothers.[13] After Kaladin and Adolin defeated Abrobadar and Jakamav together, Relis turned and dashed away to attack Renarin, who had been staying off to one side. As Relis approached Renarin dismissed his blade, causing Relis to hesitate. Moments later, Kaladin arrived, and Relis turned to swing his blade at him instead. Kaladin succeeded in performing a lastclap, which caused Relis to hear his Blade screech in his mind, and he fled from the arena. After the duel was over, Renarin helped Kaladin remove Adolin's Plate, which had been drained of its Stormlight.[66]

By the time Kaladin was released from prison Renarin was fully integrated into Bridge Four and he began learning to carry their bridge with Lopen's cousins and the other new recruits. He did his first full bridge carry during Shallan's expedition to explore the Plains.[67]

Prince Renarin, would you kindly slay this rock for me?

—Shallan to Renarin[68]

Renarin went with Dalinar, Adolin, Shallan, and the rest of the Kholin, Sebarial, Roion, and Aladar warcamps on the expedition to the center of the Shattered Plains to look for Urithiru. During the Battle of Narak when Shallan determined the location of the Oathgate Renarin gathered a group of soldiers and escorted her and her group of scholars to the plateau.[69] When Shallan located the Oathgate's control building Renarin, ignoring the screams, used his Shardblade to cut an opening into the chamber within.[68] Shallan tried using Renarin's Shardblade to unlock the portal, but since it was a deadeye, it did not work.[70]

It's come, it’s come, it’s come, it’s come. We’re dead. We’re dead. We’re dead. . . .

—Renarin's mantra[45]

As Shallan and the scholars tried to figure out how to operate the Oathgate Renarin crouched on the floor of the building writing zeros all over the floor as he mumbled repeatedly about how he had seen the Everstorm coming and that they were doomed.[45] Shallan threatened to gag him if he would not quiet down[71] and he listened to her.[72]

After Dalinar bonded with the Stormfather he met with Kaladin and Shallan, a meeting of Radiants. Renarin walked in and joined them, revealing that he too was a Knight Radiant. He told them that he was a Truthwatcher and that his ability was that he saw the truth of things. Dalinar realized that this was why he had stopped wearing his eyeglasses, and that the reason he froze every time he summoned his Shardblade was because of the screams he was hearing.[5]

Fighting Re-Shephir with Shallan and Adolin.

True Desolation (1174-)[edit]

After Sadeas's body was found lying in the hallways of Urithiru when Dalinar was giving orders to his generals and the other highprinces he told Renarin and Shallan to train and master their powers so they could be leaders and teachers for the coming Radiants.[73] Renarin came to Adolin while he was their father's Ryshadium, Gallant, in one of the tower's stables. Renarin told Adolin that he had to return the Shardblade he had been given since the screams made it unusable for him. Adolin protested that it would leave him defenseless and after some prodding Renarin summoned Glys as a Blade to show him. While they were talking afterwards Renarin used his Surge of Progression to heal Adolin's hand.[31]

There's something down there, something … ancient. You’ve felt it, haven’t you? This place is weird; this whole tower is weird. You’ve noticed it too, right?


When Shallan discovered Re-Shephir in the lower levels of the tower, Renarin came with Adolin and the rest of Bridge Four in his Shardplate to help her fight off the Unmade. He was the one who discovered the slow-moving blackness of the Unmade, although it was Lyn who announced it. He was extremely unsettled by the sight, and did not respond when Adolin tried to pull him back to the rest of the group. Only when Teft called him into formation like a superior officer did he respond and move.[74] During the fight he healed Bridge Four as they were injured.[75] He covered Adolin's back when they charged into the room with the gemstone pillar and he held his own while Shallan confronted Re-Shephir.[74]

After Kaladin returned from his trip through Alethkar Renarin went with the other members of Bridge Four back to the Shattered Plains for a training session. Rock invited Renarin to help him bake the bread for the rest of the squad. As they worked together, they discussed Renarin's role in Bridge Four now that most of the members were becoming Windrunner squires. Later, caravan carrying Rock's family was being attacked by Fused and the bridgemen raced to defend it. Renarin went and brought Adolin and two companies of troops to the scene. While the soldiers he brought arrived too late to help, Renarin's healing saved several men's lives.[24]

After Jasnah's return, Renarin attended a meeting of scholars, stormwardens, and artifabrians talking about the function of Urithiru and how the gemstone pillar might work. He shared the idea that the city might be one big fabrial rather than several, and was insulted by Janala, who called him feminine. Navani started to come to his defense, but Shallan, already vexed by Janala, jumped in instead to defend him. Renarin later thanked Shallan and had a conversation with her about Jasnah, in which he gave her the idea to go to Kholinar as part of the strike team as a spy. When the meeting resumed, Dalinar arrived and sat down to observe the proceedings. This gave Renarin the confidence to actively watch the rest of the proceedings.[16] At a later meeting with the scholars Renarin, with the help of his visions,[48] discovered and opened the Gem Archive revealing hundreds of gemstones containing recordings from the Knights Radiant of the past.[76]

When Dalinar went to Thaylen City and saw the hospitals full of people wounded by the Everstorm he sent for Renarin who came and healed many of the injured. When the Thaylens he healed tried thanking him, he directed them to Dalinar, who he gave credit for the healing.[37] He also tried to heal Rysn's legs, but was unable to do so since too much time had passed since her accident.[38]

Renarin continued to attend meetings with the other scholars. He tried to find a pattern in the way the stones in the gem archive were stored but he was unsuccessful. Jasnah wanted him to stay with the scholars for longer, but Navani noticed how happy he was with the other bridgemen and encouraged him to spend more time with his fellow squad members instead.[46] Navani had Renarin try to push Stormlight into the heart of the tower in an attempt at restoring the tower's full functions, but he was not able to make it stick.[77]

Renarin went with Dalinar, Jasnah, and Navani to Thaylen City for a meeting of all the members of the coalition. On their way to the meeting room Renarin asked Kdralk if the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve contained any large gemstones. This was likely due to Glys showing him a vision about how perfect gems would be important in the coming battle, but he did not tell Kdralk why he wanted to know. During the meeting Kdralk made a point of sitting next to Renarin and talking with him. Soon before the news of the translation of the Eila Stele arrived Renarin excused himself from the meeting and left the room.[78]

"I saw you kill me."

"It's all right, Renarin. I’m not going to."
"But don’t you see? Don’t you understand what that means?"
Jasnah shook her head.

"Jasnah," Renarin said. "My vision was wrong about you. What I see … it can be wrong. "

—Renarin and Jasnah[44]

During the Battle of Thaylen Field Renarin sat in the temple of Pailiah seeing visions of the future, which manifested as panes of stained glass combining and melting together.[47][48] Jasnah realized that something was not right with him and came to the temple intending to kill him and end the threat he, as a corrupted Radiant, posed to the rest of mankind. When she saw Glys floating in the air above Renarin's back she compared it to the sketch Jochi had given her and concluded that Renarin was not an actual Truthwatcher. She summoned Ivory as a Shardblade and prepared herself to do what she thought was necessary.[47]

Renarin running towards Dalinar with Jasnah.

While she stood over him, Renarin watched his father give in and become Odium's champion.[33] He saw himself coming to the city with Dalinar and the betrayal that happened at the meeting. He saw himself kneeling in another pane of glass as Jasnah killed him, burning his eyes out.[48] Renarin accepted his impending death, thinking that it would be better to die than to live in a world where Dalinar Kholin, the Blackthorn, was Odium's champion. He whispered out loud that Dalinar had fallen and was no more. As Jasnah moved in to strike Renarin turned to look at her and nodded. Jasnah saw his tear streaked face and hesitated. She dismissed her Blade and embraced her cousin. She told him that they would find a way to fix what was wrong with him and that everything would be fine in the end. Seeing that Jasnah was not going to kill him, as his vision had foretold would happen, Renarin realized that his visions were not always accurate and that sometimes they were wrong.[44]

Jasnah took Renarin's hand and pulled him through the city in a mad rush, jumping from building to building as she raced towards Dalinar and the column of gloryspren forming around him. Renarin complained that he couldn't keep up, but Jasnah told him that as a Radiant he was fully capable of doing so. As they neared some of Amaram's troops Renarin warned Jasnah that he had seen in a vision that they had changed sides, but she kept going towards them. When she was close enough, she Soulcast the soldiers into crystal. She then turned the wall of a nearby building into smoke, trapping some soldiers behind the rubble, and conjured a set of stairs out of the air for them to climb onto the next building. By the time they reached where Dalinar was standing outside the city he had closed the perpendicularity and the other Radiants had started gathering around him. Dalinar ordered Renarin to go to the Oathgate and fight off the Thunderclast defending it so he could bring in troops from Urithiru to help them fight the battle.[28]

Renarin fighting the Thunderclast

When Renarin saw that Adolin, who had just emerged from the perpendicularity, had been injured he rushed over to him and healed his wounds. As Renarin made his way to the Oathgate he was slowed down by the crowds of people clogging the streets and Adolin went to help him. By the time Renarin had reached the Thunderclast Adolin and Hrdalm had begun fighting the monster. Renarin healed his brother and told them that he could take care of the Thunderclast on his own and that they should leave and go somewhere safer. As Renarin charged towards the monstrosity it slammed one of its fists on top of him, but Renarin was not fazed by this and simply used his Shardblade to cut the hand off at the wrist as his Stormlight healed his body. Renarin worked with Hrdalm to cut off the Thunderclast's limbs and then, at Glys's instruction, used Stormlight to drive the life out of its body. Renarin then instructed Hrdalm to go help with the fighting elsewhere and went to unlock the Oathgate. Renarin was surprised by this victory as his visions had predicted that he would die while fighting it.[42]

I think I used up all my Radianting for the day. Um, I'll work the Oathgate and get more troops here. Maybe you two could go down and help on the city wall, pull wounded out of the front lines?

—Renarin after Bridge Four arrived in Thaylen City[42]

As he approached the platform, he saw that there were twelve Fused hovering above it, guarding the Oathgate. A child motioned Renarin to go into a small building on the side where he found Teshav and several scribes. They told him that there had been an attack by the singers on Urithiru and they were unable to contact Malata to have her open the portal. Renarin then went outside, summoned his Shardblade, and continued toward the Oathgate. As he neared the ramp onto the platform the Fused descended towards him. As four of the Fused saluted him Renarin had a vision predicting that Teft would become Radiant and activate the Oathgate from Urithiru. He smiled at the Fused standing at attention before him, confusing them, and moments later this occurred as the Oathgate exploded with Light and an entire division of Kholin troops, led by Teft holding a glowing Shardspear, emerged from the Oathgate.[42]

When the Fused saw this they flew away and Renarin told Lopen and the other members of Bridge Four not to chase them away from the Oathgate, but rather they should stay near it and protect it from further attacks. Lyn tried asking him for commands, but Renarin told her that he was not in command but suggested that she and Rock could help with the wounded near the city's wall. He told them that was done being Radiant for the day and needed a break from all of the action. Before he flew off Rock surprised Renarin with a warm hug, and Renarin thanked him again for coming before sitting and resting.[42] After the battle Renarin used his Stormlight to heal the wounded who were in most dire need of his help.[79]

Renarin confronting Moash

When the Fourth Bridge was evacuating the people of Hearthstone Renarin used his Illumination to create a ball of light which he used to calm down some frightened children as they were boarding the airship.[32] During the evacuation Renarin worked with Dabbid to bring food and water to the townspeople.[80] When Moash was taunting Kaladin in Roshone's house, causing Kaladin to freeze up, Renarin came and saved him. He used his powers to summon an image of an alternate, Radiant, version of Moash which frightened him and caused him to run away. Afterwards Renarin helped Kaladin walk back to the Fourth Bridge,[43] and told Teft and the other members of Bridge Four what he had seen.[81]

The coalition decided to send the Stump with Shallan and Adolin on their trip through Shadesmar to Lasting Integrity instead of Renarin because they were worried about what the honorspren would think of Glys's corruption.[82]

Renarin was part of Jasnah's plot to remove Ruthar from his position as highprince. She had him wait outside of the tent they were in and called for him to come inside and heal Ruthar after she stabbed him through the throat. Afterwards, Renarin apologized to Dalinar for not telling him about the plan. Renarin also told Dalinar that he had had another vision, and they agreed to meet the next day to discuss it.[83]

Does it strike you as cruel of fate, Father? My blood sickness gets healed, so I can finally be a soldier like I always wanted. But that same healing has given me another kind of fit. More dangerous than the other by far.

—Renarin to Dalinar[14]

The next night, while Renarin was eating the nightly stew with the Windrunners listening to Sigzil tell a story, Dalinar arrived to discuss his vision. Renarin told him that he was reconsidering whether or not it was wise to share what he had seen with anyone else, since he suspected that Odium could influence what he saw. Dalinar told him that even if Odium was influencing the visions, it would still be worth knowing what was shown in the vision. Renarin relented and they left the circle of Windrunners to discuss.[14]

When they had reached a quieter area outside the village, Renarin resummoned the vision so he could describe what he had seen with greater accuracy. He told Dalinar that he appeared in the vision in stark white Shardplate and was pierced by a black arrow, facing away from the image of Odium, who was depicted as a yellow and white light spreading to eternity. Renarin told Dalinar that he thought the vision was saying that Dalinar would keep on fighting small battles and never be given the chance to have an actual confrontation with Odium. He said that Odium had no reason to ever commit to an actual contest of champions, and would instead delay their confrontation indefinitely. Dalinar told Renarin that Odium had agreed to have the contest, but Renarin replied that since they had not agreed to a definite date and terms Odium would be able to push it off for as long as he wanted to. They then discussed how Odium's future sight was similar to Renarin's, in that they both only saw possibilities, not definite outcomes.[14]

Showing Dalinar his vision

Dalinar asked him if he could see anything else in the vision, and Renarin told him that there was a blackness between Dalinar and Odium. Renarin told him that this represented himself. He explained that since his future sight affected what he will do, it made it difficult for Odium to see his future and the futures of the people around him. Dalinar thanked Renarin for this information and told him that he did not need to hide his abilities from others. Renarin thanked him for the vote of confidence, but inside he knew that since the Vorin and Azish peoples had been told for thousands of years that seeing the future was evil they would never accept him if they knew what he could do.[14]

If I'm a blessing, Father, how can we reject the others? How can we condemn the one who made them? Sja-anat isn’t human, and doesn’t think like one, but I believe she is trying to find a path toward peace between singers and humans. In her own way.

—Renarin to Dalinar[14]

At Glys's prompting Renarin asked Dalinar what he thought about additional Radiants bonding corrupted spren, since that would increase their access to future sight. Dalinar told him that he would have to consider it since he was not comfortable yet with the idea of Sja-anat corrupting more spren. Dalinar told Renarin that he should talk to him if he has any more visions, since he also had some experience with seeing visions. Glys asked Renarin who would be good fit for another spren like himself, and Renarin recommended Rlain.[14]

Later Renarin had a vision concerning Taravangian and visited him to ask him about it. He told Taravangian that something had changed about him and asked why, but Taravangian gave no answer. Renarin told him that in his vision he was shrouded in darkness, with small point of light breaking through. He said that this meant that there was a way to redeem him, if he chose to do so. Before he left, Renarin told Taravangian that he would let him know if he found a way to help him come to a decision.[11] Sometime in the following weeks, Renarin gave Taravangian a note saying the words "I'm sorry" alongside two gemstones containing corrupted windspren, allowing Taravangian to summon Rayse to his house so he would able to use Nightblood to kill him and take up his Shard.[84] It is unclear of how much of the plot Renarin was aware.


Renarin with Adolin


Renarin is very close to Adolin, and respects him greatly almost to the point of hero-worship.[4] The brothers share a high level of trust and friendship. Renarin occasionally acts as a mediator when his brother and father have disagreements, and he often restrains Adolin from acting rashly towards Sadeas and others who insult Dalinar.[1][17] Adolin often encourages Renarin,[53] and he helps him to learn how to use his Shards.[64][31] While other people see Renarin as awkward and slow-thinking, Adolin knows that this is actually because Renarin is thoughtful and takes time to consider his words before speaking.[31] Renarin often worries about Adolin's safety and will intervene, often at great danger to himself, to try and help his brother.[59][13][42]


Renarin has a very strong relationship with his father, Dalinar, and he wishes to be a son whom Dalinar can be proud of. He is highly respectful towards his father and tries to do what he asks of him.[20][63] Renarin is a legitimate child of Dalinar and Evi.[85] Dalinar is not as strict with Renarin as he is with his older brother.[86] Dalinar is very supportive of Renarin and tries to encourage him to fulfill his potential. He will often reassure him that he is more skilled than he thinks,[73] occasionally to the point of exaggeration.[4] When Renarin goes to the meetings of the scholars in Urithiru, Dalinar sometimes joins the meetings to show support for his son and to dispel the notion that he is acting unmasculine.[16] Dalinar and Renarin share a bond over the fact that both of them experience visions against their will. After he learns about what happened to his mother Renarin chooses to blame Odium for her death instead of Dalinar so he would not lose him as well.[14]


Renarin is very close with his mother, Evi. She tells him myths and stories about Roshar when he is a young boy.[54] She also tells him what a great man his father is,[56] making him believe that Dalinar is the perfect Alethi officer.[14] After her death, he burns incense,[55] likely to remember her scent or carry on her Riran religious tradition.[87] He and Adolin keep a piece of her jewelry--a length of chain--as a good luck token,[30][13] and Renarin sometimes uses it as a stim.[16]

Renarin with Rlain

Bridge Four[edit]

After Renarin joins Bridge Four, the other members, especially Moash, are hostile and unwelcoming towards him,[29] but he quickly develops a very close relationship with the other bridgemen.[67] After he reveals to everyone that he is a Truthwatcher and the other members of Bridge Four become Windrunner squires, Renarin begins to feel that he is too different from the other men and considers leaving the squad, but Rock reassures him that he belongs in the group.[24] When Renarin starts attending meetings with the other scholars and begins learning how to read, the other members of Bridge Four, notably Skar and Drehy, are made uncomfortable by what he is doing, but Kaladin and Rock reassure them.[23] Renarin is most comfortable when he is around the men of Bridge Four and the other Windrunners.[14] Even after Bridge Four drifts apart and transitions into its new role as the leaders of the expanded Order of Windrunners, Renarin still attends their nightly stew and it is one of the only times that he is fully relaxed.[14]


Renarin is very friendly with Rlain and often goes out of his way to speak with him.[23] He has romantic feelings towards Rlain, though he has not yet told anyone else about it.[88][25] Renarin is the one that recommends to Sja-anat that she send Tumi to bond with Rlain.[3]


What of you, young Prince Renarin? Your father wishes me to leave you alone. Can you speak, yet say nothing ridiculous?

“Nothing ridiculous,” Renarin said slowly.

—Wit and Renarin[17]

Kid, you're the expert on what’s weird. We’ll trust your word.

Teft on Renarin[74]


  • In the original draft of The Way of Kings Prime, Renarin was the one who wrote the Diagram.[89]
  • Renarin will be the flashback character in the seventh book of the Stormlight Archive[90] at which point he would be in his thirties,[91] but this is not a guarantee that Renarin will be alive at the time of that book.[92]
  • The scene with Jasnah and Renarin at the end of Oathbringer is Brandon's favorite scene in the book.[93]


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