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Profession Baker & Scholar
Groups Veristitalians[1]
Residence Thaylen City
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Jochi is the pen name of a scholar from Thaylen City on Roshar.[1]


Jochi is a Veristitalian and a friend of Jasnah Kholin and Ethid. The three of them studied under the same master, and Jasnah notes that Jochi is extremely intelligent, despite his sometimes jocular personality. Jochi is known to the world as a female philosopher, but in reality he is a potbellied pastry chef in his sixties; his true name has not been revealed. He runs a pastry shop in Thaylen City.[1]

After arriving in Urithiru, Jasnah contacts both Jochi and Ethid through intermediaries at a spanreed hub in Tashikk. It is the first time they have heard from her since her disappearance during the sinking of the Wind's Pleasure, as she lost her spanreeds at the time. Jochi is happy to hear from Jasnah and expresses a desire to visit Urithiru, although he does not want to risk revealing his true identity. The three colleagues discuss current events, and Jochi is skeptical of Ethid's claim that Nale is still alive and active on Roshar. He mentions a sighting of Axies the Collector and gives Jasnah a description of the unnamed spren of the Order of Truthwatchers.[1] This later becomes relevant at the Battle of Thaylen Field when Jasnah sees Glys and knows that something is wrong with his appearance.[2]


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