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Type Scholars
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

We search for answers in the past, reconstructing what truly happened.

Jasnah on being a Veristitalian[1]

The Veristitalians are an order of scholars on Roshar.


Veristitalians believe that most historians do not seek truth, instead attempting to present the most adulating picture of themselves and their own motives.[1] Conversely, Veristitalians seek to create unbiased, factual accounts of the past in order to understand the present and be prepared for the future.[2] The members choose research projects that they feel are misrepresented or misunderstood to study, and try to "reconstruct" the historical events to find the truth.[1] Their research methods would be considered unconventional by traditional historians, as Veristitalians believe that folk tales and superstitions can preserve bits and pieces of history.[2]


Jasnah Kholin, a prominent Veristitalian, was performing research at the Palanaeum when she first met Shallan Davar in Kharbranth.[2] The order itself was not a secret, and she talked about it freely with Dalinar, Renarin, and others.[3][4]

Jasnah stayed in contact with other Veristitalians via spanreed. They kept each other apprised of current events around Roshar, including the fallout from the Everstorm. They took particular interest in tracking the activities of notable individuals such as Heralds, Radiants, and Siah Aimians.[5] Sharing information helped them formulate theories about supernatural events past and present.[6]


Jasnah, Ethid, and Jochi are Veristitalians, and all three of them studied under an unnamed master. Jasnah believes that her colleagues are among the finest minds on Roshar.[5] She refers to the members of the group as her "sisters",[1] although at least one member (Jochi) is actually a man who uses a female pen name.[5] The total number of members is unknown.


  • Rosharans would not use the term "Veristitalian", instead using a term that comes from an ancient in-world language. It is translated into an invented English word to maintain the right feel for the reader, in this case drawing on the Latin root meaning "truth".[7][8]
  • The notion of using history to affect present and future events comes from Brandon's own personality.[7]


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