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The Oathpact is an oath held by the Heralds of The Almighty to protect the world in the times of the Desolations.[1]

The Heralds and the Shard Honor were the only two parties who were part of the Oathpact.[2] Odium being bound to the Roshar System was not a direct result of the Oathpact but the Oathpact is part of it. [3]

After the Last Desolation, nine of the Heralds thought they abandoned the Oathpact, leaving only Talenel'Elin to uphold it.[1] However, despite what they believe, all the Heralds are still bound to the Oathpact.[4]

While at least some of the Oathpact still stands,[5] it is unknown exactly how much remains.


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