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Ishar Endsheet.jpg
by Dan dos Santos
Abilities Cognitive Shadow, Shardbearer (formerly)
Titles Herald of the Almighty, Herald of Luck, Binder of Gods, Patron of the Bondsmiths, Tezim the Great, Herald of Heralds
Aliases Ishi, Tashi, Tezim, Ishu-son-God
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Ishar's Symbol
by Isaac Stewart

Ishar (Alethi pronounciation: [ɪˈʃɑɹ] i-SHAR[1]), also known as Ishi'Elin, "Tashi", and Tezim, is one of the ten Heralds of the Almighty on Roshar[2] and is patron of the Order of Bondsmiths. Ishar fought in multiple Desolations, defending humankind from the Voidbringers and returning to Damnation between Desolations to be tortured. At Aharietiam, Ishar speculated that as long as one of the heralds was in Damnation, the Oathpact would still hold, and along with eight of the other heralds, abandoned Talenel and went into hiding.[3]

In the Vorin tradition he is referred to as Ishi, and known as the Herald of Luck, or Binder of Gods. He is associated with the Divine Attributes of Pious and Guiding.

The Shin know him as Ishu-son-God.[4]

Ishar was the founder of the Oathpact, and the key guiding force behind the formation of the Knights Radiant, believing that laws and organization were necessary for humans controlling Surges lest they cause untold damage and destroy Roshar, just as they had destroyed their prior world.[5]

Like all heralds, Ishar's name is commonly used as an expletive.[6]

The other heralds hold Ishar in particularly high esteem, even in the present day. Nale says that "he has always been the most wise of us," and Shalash believes that Ishar will know how to cure Taln's madness.[7]


Herald of the Almighty[edit]

Ishar's history prior to becoming a Herald is unknown. After mankind began to lose its fight against Odium and his immortal Fused, Ishar and nine companions asked Honor for the ability to seal the Voidbringers on Braize. Honor agreed, the Oathpact was founded, and Ishar and his nine companions became Heralds of the Almighty and were given their Honorblades. Ishar was tortured with the rest of the Heralds between every Desolation until one of them broke. When that happened, Ishar and the other Heralds returned to Roshar to guide humanity in the fight against the Voidbringers.[8] As spren began to bond with humans and grant them surgebinding, Ishar founded the Knights Radiant and became the patron of the Bondsmiths, believing that laws and organization were necessary for humans to control surges, lest they cause untold damage and destroy Roshar, just as they had destroyed their previous world. As leader of the Bondsmiths and founder of the Oathpact, he became known as the Binder of Gods.[9]

At Aharietiam, Ishar and the other Heralds save for Talenel, who was the only one who had returned to Damnation, decided that they could no longer withstand the torture they faced in between desolations. Realising that only Talenel had never broken yet, Ishar theorized that Talenel's presence in Damnation would be enough for the Oathpact to hold, and they agreed to permanently abandon their pledge, leaving Taln to suffer alone for four and a half millennia.


I... have seen Ishar. He curses me at night, even as he names himself a god. He seeks death. His own. Perhaps that of every man.

Stormfather's revelation to Dalinar [9]

Ishar's activities after Aharietiam are largely unknown. In the present day, however, he calls himself Tezim, and leads the Tukari people as their god-priest. He is currently waging war against Emul for unknown reasons. When Dalinar reached out to the Tukari after the Everstorm, he received an angry letter from Ishar proclaiming himself "Tezim the Great, Herald of Heralds and bearer of the Oathpact," and demanding fealty from the newly refounded Knights Radiant.[10]

Nale has been in regular communication with Ishar in regards to current events.[11] It was at Ishar's behest that Nale began seeking out and murdering Surgebinders, believing this to be the only way to prevent a new Desolation. Once the Everstorm arrived, Nale again sought out Ishar, after which he decided to abandon Honor and fight for the Parsh instead.[7]

Although Nale and Ash both believe that Ishar is the only Herald to have survived the Desolations with his mind intact, the Stormfather has said that Ishar is also insane, and seeks his own death and that of every man.



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