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Navani Kholin

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Navani Kholin
by User: Exmakina
House Kholin
Spouse Gavilar
Children Elhokar, Jasnah
Born ca. 1113-1123[1]
Profession Artifabrian
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Navani Kholin is a Brightlady of Alethkar on Roshar.[1] She is King Gavilar Kholin's widow and the mother of Elhokar and Jasnah.[2]


Navani Kholin is a renowned engineer, scholar and artifabrian and is heavily involved in the creation of new fabrials. She is one of the artifabrians who created the Grandbow[2] as well as a type of painrial[3]. Many of her inventions, such as the painrail, are used in the war against the Parshendi, making her incredibly valuable to the Alethi.


Navani is the former wife of King Gavilar Kholin, who was Dalinar's brother. For many years, it was uncertain which of the two brothers she would marry. She was the mother of Jasnah Kholin, another renowned scholar, as well as King Elhokar. She does not think, however, that Elhokar is a good king. After Gavilar's death, she no longer is respected by many members of the Alethi court despite her intelligence. She remained in Alethkar for many years after most of the nobility had moved to the Shattered Plains, thinking that she would have more control over the Alethi that way, to fulfill her duty to them. She later realizes that the government has essentially moved to the Shattered Plains, and moves there to become involved with the war and politics.

Relationship with Dalinar[edit]

When she returns to the Shattered Plains, she frequently speaks with Dalinar Kholin, and later becomes romantically involved with him. This is unusual among the Alethi, as she was previously married to Dalinar's brother. Navani also discovers that the language which Dalinar speaks during his visions is possibly the Dawnchant, a dead language, which would prove that his visions are accurate and not the product of insanity.[3]

Interactions with Shallan[edit]

Navani originally disliked Shallan for bringing the news of Jasnah's death, even though it was certainly not her fault. Adolin her nephew is betrothed to Shallan however, and after giving Adolin helpful advice, comes to like Shallan. She helps Shallan in her research on Urithiru, the city of the Knights Radiant.

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