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Abilities Lightweaver
Profession Soldier
Groups Knights Radiant (Lightweavers), Unseen Court[1], Sadeas army (formerly)
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Red is a Lightweaver and a member of the Unseen Court on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is a lanky Alethi man with a beard, and does not have red hair. It is unclear where he gets the nickname Red from. He is tall and has light violet eyes. Before becoming a Lightweaver he is a darkeyes. He wears darkeyed worker's clothing, which consist of brown trousers, a buttoned shirt with sleeves rolled up, with bright suspenders.[2]

Red likes to laugh, and gets a lot of Shallan's jokes.[3] He enjoys doing his work well, but also likes to chat and sit around. Despite this, he does want to be helpful, and is often the first to be working.[4]

Red makes an attempt at flirting with Veil, though he gives up after not much time. Red is definitely a nice person, one that likes talking to people and making friends in general, going out drinking and gambling, though he does not like Horneater Lager, as most sane Alethi don't.[5][4] He is very cheerful, and even after he accepts Veil as a friend offers to let her have one of the drinks on his ration.[4] He likes Shallan the best out of the group, as he is the most friendly of them, being more friendly than Vathah, Gaz, or Shob.[5] When Veil is talking about how annoying and strange Shallan is, Red does not join in on the conversation, while others do.[4] When Gaz is talking about his past as a bridge sergeant, Red encourages him, saying that Gaz was the perfect sergeant. It is hard to tell if he is joking or not, but he seems to be, because he is smiling as he says this.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a Lightweaver, Red can use the Surges of Illumination and Transformation.[1]


The Soulcaster enters (or partially enters) the Cognitive Realm to convince the sentience of an object to change materials, transforming it into something else if successful. Some transformations are more basic than others, with more complicated transformations requiring a more skilled Surgebinder and more Stormlight.


Lightweaving deals in illusions. It involves the manipulation of waves of sound or light and has a strong Spiritual component requiring a certain measure of Connection and a full mental picture of the desired illusion.


Red was one of the deserters picked up by Shallan on the Shattered Plains.[3] He left Highprince Torol Sadeas's army because he felt like it stopped being a war of retribution, and was a game for spheres for the lighteyes.[3]

Red lived in Highprince Vamah's princedom, in the city of Farcoast, near Jah Keved.[3] Highprince Vamah gave the call to arms to the citizens of Farcoast himself. Red joined the army with five of his friends to get revenge, but also because of the pressure. Every man of age in his area was signing up, so it almost marked you a coward not to have a recruit patch, according to Red.[3] After leaving the army Red no longer thought of himself as a real soldier, even after joining Shallan's guard, where he had an official uniform he usually wore.[4]


Red spent his time in Urithiru lounging around in the common room gambling with the other men of Shallan's guard. He was mostly left to his own devices while Shallan did other things. Despite this, he still had a good time, and he didn't complain about not doing anything, as he didn't seem to think he was worthy of his role as the honor guard of a Knight Radiant.[6]

Red was one of the three men chosen to learn from Ishnah, to be trained to become a spy.[7] He was chosen along with Gaz and Vathah. He mostly was interested in learning to use knives.[7] When training, he was asked to close his eyes and describe the people in the tavern he was in. Instead of really doing this, he described Gaz, calling him annoying, short and ugly, just to have some fun.[7] After this he started to try, because he wanted to do what he was supposed to and help Shallan. After a while he was seemingly very confused, though acted like he was not, just nodding and trying to do what he could.[7]

After being trained for a while Red was then chosen to go to Kholinar with another of Shallan's guards, Vathah. He was chosen because of his training and because of Gaz and Kaladin's relationship.[8] It is not described how he reacts to flying all the way to Kholinar, except that he is bundled up like everyone else.[8]

Siege of Kholinar[edit]

The true purpose of bringing Red on the mission to Kholinar, as well as Vathah and Ishnah, was unknown to all but Shallan and King Elhokar, who insisted that he come.[8] This reason is the fact that he had rudimentary training in espionage, and could hopefully help out with gathering information if necessary. Upon finding out that Veil and Shallan are the same person, he only laughed, as was characteristic of him. After this he didn't seem to do that much, also just lounging around and hanging out with Ishnah and Vathah, learning some more. He may occasionally go out with Veil on her expeditions into the city, but usually not.[9]

In Kholinar he continued his learning and was able to let Veil and Vathah know when they could attempt their heist and when to hide without others knowing. When Veil was hit by a crossbow bolt, all he did was point out that the blood was staining her outfit, ignoring the fact that she was shot in the head and still perfectly fine. This seemed to be a coping method, and he didn't say anything after this for the rest of the day, as he was quite shocked. After this he still helped on her other missions to steal food from people, and it didn't seem to change his overall opinion of Shallan or Veil.[10]

Red was left in Kholinar along with Ishnah and Vathah.[11] He did not seem to be showing signs of being a Squire to Shallan, though it is possible. It is unknown what happened to him after Shallan left, though he was able to find a merchant with a spanreed and join him, eventually being picked up by Kaladin after the Battle of Thaylen Field. This group consisted of Skar, Drehy, Red, Ishnah, Vathah and little Gavinor.[12]

Pursuing the Sons of Honor[edit]

Red embedded himself in the Sons of Honor using the illusion of a darkeyed workman, but he was not considered important enough to warrant an audience with Ialai Sadeas.[13] Shallan then disguised herself as Chanasha Hasareh in an attempt to get brought into the Sons of Honor, which succeeded.[14][13] Red was among the group that interrogated Shallan.[13] Shallan was later brought to the Sadeas warcamp, but Red did not accompany the group.[15]

Singer occupation of Urithiru[edit]

Red was left in charge of the Unseen Court while Shallan, Beryl, Vathah, and Ishnah undertook the mission to Lasting Integrity.[1] He was called upon by Navani to identify Dabbid, who was caught delivering a mysterious spanreed. Red was among the first Surgebinders to collapse due to the corruption of the Sibling.[2]


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